Wooden Toys- One step closer to making a change (ToyRoom Toys)

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It’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost but I can’t be procrastinating it for longer than this 

After all I run on deadlines too ?

Nevertheless, I have been trying different ways of keeping Haniya occupied during her play time. I am not as skilled as a few fellow mom bloggers I know that are so good at it that it makes me want to do the activity

For us as parents, engaging our kids in the right activity with the right things is very important. Toys play a very vital role in the growth and development of a kid hence choosing wisely is a huge responsibility.

My daughter at 18 months still has a habit to put things in her mouth and when unsafe plastic objects make way in her mouth, this mom definitely has to worry. Just in time I was introduced to ToyRoom Toys that sources eco friendly and non toxic toys that are completely safe for babies too 
We were sent a pack of stacking and building blocks from the brand GOKI 

About the Brand

Goki is a German Manufacturer of quality wooden toys & puzzles and have been crafting fantastic childrens toys for over 30 years. They are made available at an affordable price to allow wooden toys to be accessed by as many people as possible.
Each toy has been lovingly designed with a number of important things in mind including play, educational, motor skills and sensibility – for children who want to experience a big new adventure every day! Goki use responsibly sourced wooden materials from replenished forests and take part in tree donation schemes.

Why GOKI? 

Just being wooden toys doesn’t put you in a safe zone.They need to be good quality wooden toys, Sourced responsibly, made of quality tree wood like birch or pine or rubber, not leaving deep carbon footprint. Also toys from Goki are tested under the highest European quality standards

Goki toys produce some of our favourite eco wooden toys, with a high quality range adored by our team and families across the world. We love Goki toys because they present unique and beautiful range of toys that will stand the test of childhood, to be passed on as heirloom toys for future generations.
This German brand is over 30 years old and has always been committed to quality wooden toys that encourage imagination and development of motor skills

The pack contains 19 beautifully dyed wooden blocks

  • Helps in shapes and colour associations 
  • It’s a great toy to inculcate the habit of putting back something to its right place 
  • These can be arranged and stacked on a wooden cart with wheels that can be pulled along and enjoyed by the kid 

  • Building blocks has always been one of the preferred activities as it helps in developing fine motor skills 
  • They have the perfect weight to teach kids stacking, balance and the force required for the block to stay put.

  • These are coloured with non toxic paint and are completely safe even if put into the mouth 
  • They are made of high quality wood and are completely eco friendly 
  • The colours are very bright and catches immediate attention of the kid 
  • This particular toy can help developing gross motor skills, STEM, creativity & imagination.

  •  This toy can be used in multiple ways which enhances your imaginative skills as a parent too 
  • The quality of the toys overall is very long lasting and sturdy. Haniya must have thrown the pieces from one end to the other a zillion times but not a single dent that I could mark.
  • Organic & Natural toys enhance mental and physical health 
  • It helps in inspiring a child’s imagination as such open ended Toys forces a child to think and create 
  • Organic toys are better for environmental health and wellbeing too 

ToyRoom Toys has a huge variety of toys for kids of all ages. Head to their website to see the entire collection which is even categorised as per the skill, age, brand etc 

Click on the link below to visit the website directly 

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17 thoughts on “Wooden Toys- One step closer to making a change (ToyRoom Toys)

  1. Haniya looks really engrossed in her toys- love the fact that there is so much play that children can take out from a set of blocks! This is a must buy for moms whose children have very limited attention span- can keep them engrossed for longer trying different things out

  2. I personally find wooden toys very fun looking, but as you mentioned above , yes they need to be safe . Thanks for sharing , looks like a great brand for kid’s toy shopping

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