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If you are a parent and reading this, I am sure you will agree toys are the most important part of a child’s day to day life and as a parent it’s our responsibility we make the right and safe choices for them that help in overall learning and development too

I was recently contacted by one such brand called “Trinkets & More

With following a principle of “No compromise on the quality for price when it comes to our little ones!”. I was very definite about the choice I made to collaborate with a brand that keeps safety and quality at priority

They have been kind enough to send across toys as per haniyas age group and I must say she has been glued to them ever since we have recieved them

Wooden Beads Maze

This is a classic toy featuring baby proof track made with such vibrant colours on the beads. The colours used on the beads and the track are very bright and catches your little ones attention immediately. They are tightly secured on to the wooden base and there is absolutely no risk of it coming off. Haniya being in the toddler phase literally makes and breaks things and this one has seen quite a few falls and I must say it still is intact.

It has in total 13 beads

This toy focuses on

Hand eye coordination

Colours and Shape Recognition

Visual Perception

Fine Motor Skills

This Toy is made out of 100% Safe wood and is free from any toxic materials

It is perfectly sized and can be carried around in the bag

The only minus I could figure out is, toddlers get bored of it very easily

So would recommend using this for kids between 9months-18months

Price : Rs 349

Click on the link below to buy


Chunky Alphabet Learning Blocks

This one has been our favourite, I have had to carry this one around with me everywhere. Anything chunky, colourful and something that wouldn’t break is a toddlers best buddy, Right?

It is perfectly sized making small hands to comfortably grasp, stack and sort. Each alphabet has a bright colour and a little bear painted on it.

It comes stacked in a wooden tray and serves as a puzzle too. It has 26 pieces in the lower case of the alphabet. It is painted with durable child safe colour and the wood blocks have no sharp edges.

This toy focuses on

Recognising and memorising the alphabets

Colour Recognition

Puzzle solving skills

Development of motor skills

The only minus about this toy is that it doesn’t come with a lid to the tray case which makes it difficult to store or carry around

I would recommend this for kids that are 18months+

Price: Rs 749

Click on the link below to buy:

I hope this post makes it easy for you to choose wooden toys for your little ones

Don’t forget to check their website out for the complete collection for kids of all age

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11 thoughts on “Wooden toys for Toddlers- Trinkets & More

  1. As you rightly said it is important to make right choices and widen toys is one such choice I try to stick too as much as possible. Because they are safe and also plastic is best avoided. This site looks like a great place for this.

  2. Those alphabet blocks are so beautifully made .i would love to gift this to my niece.She is the perfect age for this .lovely pics Afsha!Whovere takes them make it perfect!

  3. We too love wooden education toys. It’s the latest craze in town..after all they are so good. And this brand make a some amazing toys

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