Twinning is Winning, now made easy with BonOrganik

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Hope you all are doing well, In sha Allah

I am sure all my readers and followers by now know that I don’t like too much of PDA on Social Media but when it comes to twinning, there is no looking back.

I’ve always been on a hunt for those cute but not so cheesy couple tees and I was so glad to have found them on BonOrganik 

So, I ordered this pair of Couple Tee which says “I am attracted to you” as you see in the image below

When I was surfing through the website, honestly, I couldn’t decide one as everything was so relatable. I just saw wanted all of it.

So, they practically have everything for everybody

I was quite excited to see the package arriving in just 3 days but even nervous as now came the tough part of getting my husband in for a few shots.

I was a very hesitant to ask him if he could oblige as he is super camera shy and I just the opposite.

To my surprise, he agreed on doing so and here we are!

I quickly had to put my little one to sleep to prepare for this little mini shoot we tried doing at home.

It was a fun experience as we don’t do this quite often

So along with some Gifting, we both got some quality time to spend with each other as well

BonOrganik has a huge variety of options that can go well with any theme, be it Valentines Day, Anniversary, Birthday Celebration or maybe just a casual outing.

They have products like tees, boxers, dresses, cushion covers a

You can customise your tees for your Spouse, sibling, friends.

Name it and they have it

I liked how they have a huge selection of quotes from funny to inspirational, romantic etc .

What I loved:

▪️Quality of the tee is superb and the fabric remains intact even after a few washes

▪️Two customised tees at Rs 1100 is a steal deal

▪️Multiple Sizes available with a size chart for guidance

▪️The product is shipped to you within 3-4 days

▪️Absolutely Free Shipping In India

▪️They ship internationally as well (Refer to the website for more details)

▪️They have free and easy return policy

▪️Cash on Delivery Option is available

We often get conscious to put in small efforts like this that can keep up the pace of the relationship but its these things that add the spice back

From celebrations to apologies, it’s Gifting that bridges the gap between two people, be it a couple, friend, sibling.

The key to an unforgettable experience is creating that perfect gift which will strike a chord and will always remain memorable and I must say BonOrganik is succeeding in doing that

I completely love this concept by BonOrganik that focuses on adding that personalised touch to gifting.

So head to their website and go grab the best tee that defines your relationship and surprise your spouse, boyfriend and I am sure it’s getting you the widest smile you will ever see

Have you ever gifted anything personalised to your loved ones, if the answer is NO!

What are you waiting for?

Go grad yours now

Until next time

Stay Hooked



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  1. I adored the photoshoot.Lovely you and super cute tee shirt.Your hubby is doing a fab job and looks great in the shots.Must check out the site.

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