Top 10 Children’s Day Gift Ideas 

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I never knew I’d be writing down a post that suggests Gift Ideas on children’s Day 

From lipsticks to diapers, I’ve come a long way ?

Children’s Day (also known as Bal Divas) is celebrated on the 14th Nov to increase the awareness of people towards the rights, care and education of children. Children are the key of success and development of the country as they would lead their country in different and new technological way.

Besides all these facts, let’s not forget the happiness and smiles they bring in our lives (minus all the tantrums ?) 

I’ve listed down a few Gift Ideas that can help you get that smile on your little ones faces 
1. Time 

There can never be a bigger gift than this. Your child requires your presence more than presents. Indulging in activities that they enjoy the most like playing in the park, a small hide and seek game or anything that you both enjoy doing together 
2. Toys 

We all know the importance of toys in a child’s life. Choosing the right toy that keeps him/her engaged and helps in growth and development. But Yes of course sometimes we can give in to their choice of toy as well 
3. Clothes 

I love dressing my little one in the best of clothes and so does she enjoy as much. With the weather getting chilly, get your kid dressed up in the cutest wintery outfit for children’s day 
4. Books 

Books are a mans best friend and this habit should be inculcated right from childhood. According to their interest you can Gift your child books from different genres 
5. An activity together 

Try and plan an activity together with your kid. From baking to making some art and craft project. It will make your bond even stronger and definitely you will end up with masterpieces and yes some MESS too ?
6. Family Picnic

You can plan a family picnic with the immediate family or if you have the extended family staying around too. With such get togethers kids learn the art of share and care.
7. Pool Date 

My little one loves her pool time and for us Sundays are fixed for pool activity. 
8. Personalised Gifting

I love personalised gifting and I’ve always bought a few for Haniya as well for her nursery and room decor. From pillows to quilts or bag, it can be anything that your little one will enjoy using.
9. Sharing is Caring 

We as a family have a ritual of doing some amount of charity every week. It is important to introduce our kids to this at an early age as that gives them an understanding of people who are deprived of their basic needs in life. Donating books, food or money to the needy can be very helpful 
10. Chocolates 

Is there anything chocolate can’t solve? From a cranky child to a sad adult. It takes care of all.

A big box full of their favourite chocolates will get you a smile from ear to ear 

And nothing is better than the good old Cadbury Dairy Milk 

I’ve got our stash full, have you ? ?

We as a family are heading for a mini vacation, what are you planning this children’s day? 
Don’t forget to this beautiful TVC by Cadbury, btw I’ve always loved their ads.

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24 thoughts on “Top 10 Children’s Day Gift Ideas 

  1. point #1 – So glad you put that on top of the list – everyone, including me needs to be reminded of that. 🙂 The others are great suggestions – every child would love <3 Zoe loves the pool time tim – that's def on our list for this weekend. Have a great trip

  2. Gifts to children on children day is such a great idea. For us children day was all about dance performances and that one candy they would give at the end ? I will definitely keep this in mind to make my little ones children’s day special

  3. Who doesn’t like chocolates… hehehehe …. my toddlers birthday is around the corner I will save this list to find good option for return gift too 🙂

  4. I love chocolates. It really does uplift my mood 🙂 And we love doing activities together .. As it means spending time together .. Loved all ideas and am going to try some for Christmas as well..

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