TLC done, Just Right at The Wedding Clinic 

Hi Guys, Hope you all are doing well, In sha Allah 
Ever since I fell pregnant and all the events that follow after that, taking care of my skin was nowhere on the list 

Obviously, there are so many other important things to focus on but little did I know that ignoring my skin will make me a “whine box” later 

Yes , I regret and I’d suggest you don’t make that mistake 

Whether you are married or unmarried 

Pregnant or not, Skin care is a must for every woman once you hit the number “25”

Your skin undergoes a massive change with all the hormonal changes and various other factors that can be your lifestyle, eating habits too 

One of the major skin concern that I am going through is “Dark Circles” which obviously started when I was pregnant as I had a lot of discomfort in sleeping and post delivery, Well we all know the story.
On my last visit to Pune, I was introduced to The Wedding Clinic, Advanced Aesthetic SkinCare Multi Speciality Clinic that is based in Koregaon Park, Pune

They invited me to experience their services and was quite delighted as I definitely needed some TLC

They have a plethora of options for all that goes in making your skin, body, hair happy 

As the name clearly says, It’s a one stop solution for all Brides & Grooms requirements before they are set for the D-Day 
This place is truly “Love at First Sight”. I am a huge sucker for cute looking places and this one had me sold the minute I entered. Very beautifully done with shades of teal and gold. Sounds pretty, Doesn’t it? 

I was welcomed by Payal Tekchandani Sheth & Kalp Sheth who are the proud founders of “The Wedding Clinic” 

They have some of the well known experts on board namely, Dr Shaili Sangvi, who is a certified consulting cosmetologist.Zalina who is a renowned nail artist 

Well yes they have you covered for all those fancy looking nails too 

I had a brief one-on-one session with Dr Shaili where she tried to understand my existing skin care routine (For a fact there wasn’t any), medical history and other lifestyle and eating habits 

I first underwent a skin testing procedure which involved extensive deep cleansing and then it was studied by Dr. Sanghvi to know the deep rooted problem areas 

Considering my issues, she suggested an AquaMarine facial that would take care of the skin dehydration and the dark circles that were prominent enough in a pitch dark room as well ( No kidding!) 
I was all geared up for a relaxing session and yes the ambience there is like the cherry on the cake. I switched off all my mom worries and slipped right into the comfort zone and believe me, It was all worth it 
The Aquamarine facial involved steps like cleansing, infusing essential antioxidants and took approximately 60 minutes to finish. Dr.Sangvi even recommended a mild facial peel made out of concentrated coffee solution that would take care of my dark circles and believe me IT SURE DID 

I have always been very sceptical about under eye treatments as I have never seen results but post the peel I was glued to the mirror as I couldn’t believe how clear and bright my under eyes looked 

There was a major visible difference in how my dark circles looked pre and post the treatment.
I was genuinely very happy with the way my skin felt post the treatment. I would like to specially mention the very warm and humble staff that took care of the minutest details if I wanted something to munch or sip of if the music was too loud or soft for my liking.

Well it’s these little things that sum up to a great memorable experience 

And I am so glad to get acquainted with such a fun and vibrant team that is sure to make you forget all your pre wedding woes. 

Stop by for a consultation and get your worries fixed by the experts.
Also Dr Sanghvi recommended me a product to be consumed called as “GlutaGlow” 

More about that coming soon on the blog ?

Until next time 

Stay hooked



20 thoughts on “TLC done, Just Right at The Wedding Clinic 

  1. Those are some great pics! I have a similar under eye creak circle issue and would be happy to get rid of them!
    Looks like a fine place!

  2. The place looks very professionally designed keeping a welcoming touch for it’s customers. You have done a great job in clicking pictures.

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