Tips & Tricks to Shop easily on AliExpress

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My little one has been slightly under the weather which is why there has been constant delays on the posts I have been committing 

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About AliExpress

Ali express is a retail version of Alibaba and sells every item you can think of under the sky. 

It has some sort of a buyer protection which is very important if you are shopping from another country 

Tip 1: Always look for Genuine Sellers 

Now how do you identify who is a genuine seller? 

Every item that you come browse will have the seller details like Store Open Since, Ratings,Feedback & the number of orders 

The higher the better 

Tip2: Ask for Original Pictures 

Once you like a product, contact the seller and ask them to send you original pictures of the product as most of the items are photoshopped and might not look the same when you recieve them 

You can even go through the feedbacks where people like me who shop post pictures of the product when received 

That gives you a fair idea of what to expect 

Tip 3: Talk to the Seller 

Whatever item you purchase, communicate with the seller. Mind you, they reply to every message. You can clarify any doubts or queries you have regarding the product 

Tip 4: Avoid buying items that cost very low 

There might be chances that the product is not genuine and will give you a tough time to recieve the product too 

Tip 5: Always check shipping charges 

There are multiple options available to get you the products as early as you want. But so far whatever I have ordered I’ve always opted for free shipping. Also it’s better to avoid “free shipping” if you intend to buy a very expensive product 

Tip 6: Protection Period

Always keep a close tap on the protection period of each product purchased. If you still haven’t recieved the product you can then open a dispute through your order details and your money will be credited back 

(I suggest read all terms before you jump on the wagon)

Tip 7: Avoid Bulk Ordering

As a newbie shopper on the website, Order as minimum as you can do that you are well aware of the quality, customer seller service, protection period etc 

Tip 8: Click Pictures of Order recieved 

Always click a picture of your order recieved so that in case it’s damaged it can serve as an evidence to the seller and help you get your refund back.

Tip 9: Recheck the order multiple times 

Quite often we forget the quantity added or the colour preferred or the shipping option or so many other things. That’s the reason verify your order before placing and paying for the same 

 Tip 10: Never Close Dispute if work not done 

A lot of times sellers ask you to close dispute assuring you will recieve your refund but my friend, never do that

Keep it open until your case if resolved 

Tip 11: Size Chart 

Usually Chinese are very small and petite in size so their outfits are designed accordingly which is why always refer to the size chart and clarify with the seller too. Especially with clothing read feedbacks of people who have purchased it and what they have to say about the fabric, design or size 

Each item has tentative shipping days required for the product to reach you. Look for that and reconfirm the same with the seller 

For all my orders, I am well prepared to recieve it anywhere between 45-60 days 

Ali Express has some great sales that can get you huge discounts on your fashion, beauty, decor and various other accessories 

The biggest sale strikes on 11th November and trust me it’s not to be missed
Look out for coupons that are usually available on the website/ app and also their social media pages. 
Things that I have bought so far: 

Photo Studio Box 

Kids Clothes 

Kids Shoes 

Hair Accessories 


Mobile Covers 

Charging Cables 

Chokers- Jewellery


And many more things I can’t recall (Forgive me for that) ?

Also this has been truly my experience, there might be a whole lot who must have had a very negative experience but I’ve been a smooth shopper and have been able to grab some amazing deals which is why I decided to share my tips and experience on Ali expresss
Would love to hear from you 
Until next time 
Stay hooked

8 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks to Shop easily on AliExpress

  1. Yeah i had a bad experience with ali express….i ordered some party decorating items arnd 6 months ago n till nw i hvnt got anythng nor they refunded my money….evn i filed complain on it too…so nt trust worthy ali express is…(for me)

  2. Aapki tips k liye thank you so much
    Mera experience AliExpress k sath accha nahi raha, main card use nahi karti, 3rd person ke card se 3 times shopping ki per ali express ne order confirm nahi kiya, na refund kiya
    Club factory is much better, quality time me acchi pack kiya hua order aata hai ??

  3. This for sure gonna helpful to everyone .
    Many of us faced a lot of issues by ordering from Ali express.
    Next time gonna use this tips and ensure my friends folĺow them too.
    Thank you

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