The future of living has no barriers” Witness it with Karle Infra Vario Homes.

Owning property in a beautiful city like Bangalore can never be a bad idea. Real estate gives security as the prices in such cities continue to rise with financial growth and CAGR. Bangalore has the fastest economic growth when compared with other cities which makes it a better city to live in. In a country sprawling with eminent builders and housing companies, one name has always warranted special mention, Karle Infra Pvt.Ltd.

And where better to find affordable luxury than at Karle Town Center located in Hebbal, North Bengaluru! Real estate experts agree that this location of the property makes it one of the best properties for investment as well as to live in.

A project which is built in 3 Acres and 6 Guntas. It has 400 apartments in 2 Towers which has 34 floors.

Things I Usually Check While Buying Home

Bangalore has a host of building projects which cater to various needs and tastes. The variety of choices is both convenient and at times confusing.

1. Location

Bangalore is known for its traffic jams and pollution. To avoid long, nightmarish commutes, it is best to get an apartment in a location close to your workplace and the areas you visit frequently

Make sure to choose an area that has easy access to reputed hospitals and schools.  I was searching for a home near MG road and yes, Vario Homes is only 30min away from MG Road. Ensure that your apartment has a good supply of water and power, and that is away from industrial and vehicular pollution

2. Traveling

When I select my dream home I will see how convenient it is when it comes to traveling. Vario homes will save me a lot of time as it is just 30min away from Bengaluru city Railway station and Bengaluru International Airport, while if you talk about the upcoming Phase 2 Metro Station at Nagavara it is just 2km away.

3. The apartment’s facilities

New apartments come with a long list of facilities ranging from basic amenities to luxuries. Choose an apartment that has the facilities you would actually use and one that caters to my privacy. Vario Homes had some unique features which I would hardly find elsewhere.

Progressive Layouts

Why I love Progressive layouts is because it helps me to decide what my home should be and when. It tries to keep pace with our ever-changing needs.

Flexi-Wall System

It is a system that creates personalized space unique to our needs. Basically it is an L-shaped Flexi Wall that is positioned between the living room, guest bedroom and dining room which can be easily opened and closed to create personalized spaces.

4. Builder’s reputation

Research your builder’s background and visit a few of their other projects, if the apartment you’re interested in is still under construction. The company and builder should be trusted and well known in the real estate sector. Experience makes a big difference, according to me, real estate companies and builders should at least have 2 decades plus experience.

5. Amenities

Amenities play an essential role in any real estate project, which builders usually use to woo home buyers. While some basic amenities are essential like security, proper car parking, etc.

I usually check these basic amenities listed below while selecting my ideal home.

Essential amenities:

Car parking

Security services

Water supply


Power backup

24-hour maintenance


Jogging track

You must not forget that Bangalore, being the IT hub of the country, has a huge population of engineers and other professionals moving in to settle down here. In a populated city with a shortage of space to build homes, buying apartments is the best way to go. Don’t wait, just buy your dream home at Karle Town Center today! 

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