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I have been procrastinating a lot of work, needless to say I am multitasking a lot of things (Not that I am complaining ?) 

We as mothers look for nutrition and healthy foods for our babies all the time. But with fussy eaters and not been able to give them the complete nutrition in terms of food we look out for options and that’s when supplements come in picture 
Getting the right dose of calcium, vitamins, zincs and all other nutrition in growth of your child is very important and on my look out for the same I came across SuperGummy Vitamins 
I was sent these products to try and test them and obviously I was going to try them first before I get haniya to consume them

Once I recieved these is when I got to know that they are suitable for kids above 3years and I requested them to have the products called back but they kindly asked me to try them and I was up for it.
I can’t give you an insight on the nutritional benefit I recieved but definitely in terms of taste and other aspects 
Super gummies has four variants providing zinc, calcium, iron and vitamins in form of gummies. A lot of us are quite sceptical of consuming gummies because of the gelatin content in it but this is absolutely made out of vegetable ingredients 

Flavours available are as follows : 

1️⃣OMG Orange 

2️⃣Glorious Guava

3️⃣Mango Masti

4️⃣Smashing Strawberry 

They are sweet but definitely have an after taste of some medicinal ingredient in it 

There are 30 gummies in each pack, which is priced at Rs. 129. Each gummy is individually packed in a ziplock pouch so it doesn’t lead to a mess once the pack is opened 

You can buy these from their website linked below 


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13 thoughts on “Review- SuperGummy Vitamins

  1. I agree we are always on the look out for nutritious foos for tots. This look super y umm. Greta flavor options and travel friendly packing.

  2. Though m not a kid and not an mommy ?? But I will definately try these gummies ? I would love to use orange flavoured ? Nice post ??

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