Review- SuperBottoms Cloth Diapers 

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As you know by the title I am reviewing the cloth diapers from Super Bottoms 

Well quite a few are already aware of this product and we all know how good these babies are 

About SuperBottoms: 

They make advanced cloth diapers and mind you with some adorable and quirky prints to keep you and your baby entertained 

All Superbottoms diapers consist of 3 key parts:

WATERPROOF OUTER: The outer waterproof shell gives complete leak proofing for multiple hours.

SOAKER: It is the cloth pad that goes inside the waterproof outer and soaks the urine.

DRY FEEL LAYER: The top fabric which stays uniquely dry even when baby pees on it, thus keeping baby’s bum dry.

Superbottoms diapers are 100% washable and reusable and can absorb upto 8 hours, without leakages.

            (Picture Credit: SuperBottoms )

My Personal Experience: 

This was the first brand I came across when I decided to introduce cloth diapering to my daughter who was 14 months 

Also I’d like to em toon the support that was extended to me as I had no knowledge but the team took me through the entire process 
I was a little hesitant as I had been used to having disposable diapers around and the convenience it gave 

But the thought of diaper rashes and the plasticky feeling that my daughter had to go through day in and night made me choose this 

Honestly, I still alternate between disposable and cloth diapers 
Let’s take a quick tour around the kinds of diapers SuperBottoms has to offer 

Cover Diaper

These come with 2 long dry feel soakers and with snaps to hold the soakers 

These are available in 4 sizes 

Pocket Diaper

These are double leak guard pocket diapers with microsuede dry feel fabric and square tabs

I was sent this product to try out and as you see in the image I was sent the most prettiest prints 


Ikat Chevron

What I Like:

  • There are multiple prints available and each variant has a unique name to it. This just shows the amount of effort put for you and your baby to have the best experience 
  • These diapers have 4 size adjustments that makes it suitable for babies upto 2 years of age.

  • These are completely Eco friendly and will keep you away from the guilt of polluting the environment 
  • They have a Try it-Love it Policy which gives you the feasibility of using the product for a month and returning the product of it doesn’t suit the Baby 
  • These are completely washable and reusable 
  • Quite effective for at least 3-4 wettings. Also this might vary with every baby
  • The super dry feel of the fabric used keeps the Baby bottoms rash free 
  • Cost effective 
  • Leakage Proof in my case as I used it for my daughter during day time at a stretch of 5 hours and to my surprise I was impressed 


  • The sides of the diapers if not snapped well around the thighs will leave elastic marks and might irritate the kid 
  • Slightly bulky for small built or newborn babies 

Price : 

Ikat Chevron: Rs 890

Utsav: Rs 890

Also I’d like to suggest you to visit the below mentioned links that have detailed tutorials on how to get the best use and fit out of these diapers 
Team Super Bottoms has created mini videos for you to understand the right usage of the products 




Also PFB the link to the Beginners Guide 

Have you ever tried Cloth Diapering for your baby, Do share your experience in the comments below 

Until next time 

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49 thoughts on “Review- SuperBottoms Cloth Diapers 

  1. Though my miss is way beyond the age of diapering…. i fell in love with these ones. Amazing review with all the tricky points answered really well. Thanks for sharing

  2. Yes, I have cloth diapered two of my kids and the journey has been great. Love both the prints…They are very cute!

  3. I have bought this for my kid. I am impressed with the design. But i find very heavy for the kid. Its bulky compare to disposable. But user friendly.

  4. Loved the blog as it will help creating awareness regarding cloth diapering,we are 100% cloth diapering our 15mo daughter and 90% of our cloth diapers stash consists of Superbottoms,we just love our superbottoms ?

  5. Love your reviews on Diapers and specially D video to help us out. I am so glad dat boring looking Diaper monotony is broken finally with such pretty cute lukng prints. Even babies would be so happy wearing them. Love d different prints which can be matched with colorful clothes.. Surely gonna try them. Thanks for letting us know.. Great✌

  6. Very informative blog!! I recently started using superbottoms as well for my 15 month son.. it’s a bit late for me to start but better late than never.. I haven’t fully switched to it. The trial phase is on.. it’s more work but loving the overall experience!!

  7. Very detailed review! Ihave been using super bottoms since bub was 4 months old especially for night time ?

  8. Seems nice.
    I have tried cloth diapers. It worked fairly well when I had only one toddler. Disposable ones saves me now as I have two lil ones. ?

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