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Your life changes once you become a parent 

Our google searches change from what’s new in trend to which baby shampoo is good 

Well yes, and very swiftly we mothers adapt to the change 

We have a new brand in the market that assures that all our worries are put to rest

Softsens takes care of all that is needed to protect a baby’s sensitive skin. The products are curated by experts meeting all international standards and assuring that its 100% safe.
Softsense range currently has Baby Oil, Baby Wash, Baby Shampoo, Baby Soap, Baby Lotion, Baby Cream, Baby Wipes & Baby Powder
I was contacted by the team to have them tried for my baby and review it for all you mommies looking for the product for your baby 

Baby Oil 

Well we have passed our age of using any oils on the body but I had to give this a try. 

It’s not very thick in consistency and doesn’t stick on the body.

It is infused with Vitamin E and other essential oils that makes it apt to be used on the hair as well. As I mentioned, the consistency is slightly watery it’s very easy to wash it off too. 

Price:Rs 100 for 100ml

Baby Wash

We have been loving our tub time and just as I ran out of my other baby washes, I decided to give this a try. A huge squeeze of the wash in the tub and my daughter is sorted for 30 minutes. This product has milk cream and shea butter that keeps the skin hydrated and moisturised all day long. This is a complete tear free formula that it safe to use it for babies any age.This product has a very strong scent to it which I did not really approve of but other than that it lathered well and did not dry out the skin

Price: Rs 150 for 200ml 

Baby Shampoo

This was one of the first product I tried and was quite impressed as it did not leave my daughters hair dry which is my concern with trying new products. 

It’s completely tear free and doesn’t cause any irritation. A coin size product cleanses the hair thoroughly and keeps it soft and shiny all day long. It has a mild sweet smelling scent that lingers all day long.

Price: Rs 165 for 200ml

Baby Soap

Softsense Baby Soap almost smells like the Baby Wash. It’s mild and very gentle on the skin which makes it suitable for sensitive skin types too. The formulation of the Soap is creamy and enriched with shea butter and natural milk cream so it thoroughly hydrates and leaves the skin moisturised. It lathers quite well and thoroughly cleanses the skin 

Price : Rs 45 

Baby Wipes: 

Anything and everything that looks like tissues or wipes has to find place in my bag. The Wipes are extremely soft but comparatively smaller in the size than the other brands available in the market

It has a very mild soft scent that I approved of and did not irritate my baby’s skin. The Wipes are made out of a very soft fabric that cleans the skin or surface or anything you use it for. These are infused with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera.

Price : Rs 65 for 20 Wipes 

Baby Powder

It’s been quite a while that we have used any kind of a powder on my daughters body that because her skin is sensitive and would immediately turn dry on using any form of powder. I gave this a try for a few days as the weather is taking a toll and makes her body sweaty and it does keep the skin sweat free. It has a milk fragrance to it and keeps the skin dry and clean 

Price: Rs 100 for 200gms 

Baby Cream

My daughter has very sensitive skin which is why I need to choose the right kind of a baby cream that keeps her skin moisturised all through the day. I was quite impressed with this product. This again is infused with natural milk cream and she’s butter which makes it super creamy in consistency and quickly gets absorbed in the skin. This can be a great product for babies with extremely dry skin. The cream would be suitable for winer weathers as during summers it might leave the skin a tad bit oily and sticky.

Price : Rs 135 for 100gms 

Baby Lotion 

This product is perfect for every day wear irrespective of the weather as it is slightly lighter and is not too heavy on the skin. This is a non greasy formula and leaves the skin deeply moisturised. It has high water content which makes it easy to absorb into the skin. It has a mild fragrance to it that doesn’t irritate the skin at all 

Price: Rs 150 for 200gms 
All the above mentioned products can be purchased from their website linked below 


Or can be purchased at Nykaa & Flipkart

And can even be purchased from all leading retail stores, pharmacies and baby stores 

Please visit their SocialMedia Pages to know more 

Instagram   http://instagram.com/softsens

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  1. These products are really fabulous and safest for little kids. These are also reasonable and effective one . I would love to gift this complete pack of baby care products to my sister who is expecting a baby soon.

  2. There are so many brands of baby products available in market that it becomes difficult for a mom to decide. Thanks for the review that can help new moms get a first hand feedback on the products by a mom who uses them. They really sound promising.

  3. Heard so much about this product ? I must give it a try for my munchkin ! Thanks for this lovely brief of each product ?

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