Review- Skin18 Lemon Sheet Mask 

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Skin 18 Lemon Sheet Mask 

When life throws you lemons, make a sheet mask out of it.
We all know the outstanding benefits lemons have for the skin but evidently we all have that lazy streak in us that keeps us from using natural ingredients as holy grails for skin care. For people of just such lackadaisical style, we have this amazing brand called Skin 18 that produces these sheet masks. Their PR team was kind enough to send a few of their best ones for me to write a review on for my followers. I used the Lemon Essence Sheet Mask on the day I received it. As a mother I need such quick fixes!

So here goes my review:
> Packaging: 
The Lemon Essence Sheet Masks come in bright and boffo packaging. The ingredients are explained at the back of the package well in detail. These are cotton masks which sit on the face perfectly. (1 Sheet per pack)
I had saved it for one of those lazy Sundays where I needed a little pampering for my oh-so-neglected skin and coincidentally I was feeling quite dull and dry so this was perfect for my mood. So, I put the mask on and got on to completing my daily chores. The mask felt wet when I removed it from the package which meant that the serum or the solution in it was still intact. I kept it on for 30 minutes straight. The best part of it was the placid fragrance which didn’t bother me at all. I did not experience any kind of tingling sensation, which was pleasantly surprising.
In India, we have less access to sheet masks that are reasonably priced. These are very utile and come in many variants depending on your skin type and the kind of problem or solution you are looking for. Honestly, it doesn’t make you a different person in one go but are perfect for quick fixes and make you feel relaxed and pampered.
Would I recommend this?

* Yes, I would.
Sheet masks are a temporary solution though, don’t expect drastic results out of them.
Where can I Buy them ?


Do let me know your experiences with the same if you try any ! 
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  1. Hey I’ve ordered sheet masks online. Thanx to ur blog! Can’t wait to try out. Will let u know how I found them. This blog is so chìc & helpful. Keep the good job going!

  2. Haha love d tag line..When life throws lemon make a sheet mask out of it… Love your charismatic & charming reviews… Lov3d it totally…So much impressed by your review s that I Will surely try someday…Thanks for sharing

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