Review-Sipahh Straws

Sipahh Straws

Getting kids to drink milk is a Herculean task.Mothers stressing over kids not drinking milk is a common scene in every house in India.In such cases we have Sipahh who makes your job easy.Sipahh is a brand of milk flavouring straws.All you have to do is,dip and drink

These can be used by kids of any age as long as they are accustomed to using a straw.The pack recommends 3 years and above and that’s how I got my nephew to try it and I was taken aback when he gulped down the whole glass and did not mind taking another shot.These are best enjoyed with cold milk however it solely depends on your personal choice

Each straw is separately packed and has bead like balls inside that are flavoured

The best part about this is that they are individually packed so can be carried with no mess in the bagg

These come in a variety of flavours In a box, so the kid doesn’t get bored of drinking the same flavour until you finish the pack 

Each straw can just be used once and should be used within 24hours of opening the packaging wrap

It taste best when used with 250ml of milk,keeping it strong or mild in taste is complete personal choice 

There are a total of 10 flavours and come in a box pack of 5,10 and 25 pack of straws 
Total Flavours: 

Cocoa Bean Chocolate 

Okey Dokey Cookies & Cream 

Fruit Salad Swirl 

Lamington Dream 

Mango Smoothie

Hello Marshmallow

Raspberry Fields 

Luscious Strawberry 

Sunset Choc Orange

Velvet Vanilla 

Sipah wins over kids in terms of being tasty and innovative flavours which grabs the attention of a kid and makes it a fun experience

It has less than 2gms of sugar per straw which is definitely lesser than all the other milk flavouring options available in the market 

Sipahh started its distribution in India in the year 2015 and seems to have made its impact already.It is quite easily available at Modern Retail stores like Natures Basket, SPAR, Hypercity, Food Hall

For people who prefer ordering online,Amazon and Bigbasket have it stocked 
Price : 

Pack of 5 -Rs 80 

Pack of 10- Rs 150 

Pack of 25-Rs 350 

Pack of 40-Rs 520 

We have been looking to try all the other flavours too, and I am sure Haniya is going to take the most of it as she has learnt to sip from straws too 

Do let me know your experiences if you have tried these 

Until next time 

Stay hooked 


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  1. They are a unique concept! Unfortunately, the kids did not appreciate their taste much 🙁

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