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As a mum now, I am always on a look out for baby essentials that are perfect for bubz. It’s tedious to find relevant products that make a mum’s life easier. Hence, I’ve decided on reviewing products that have proven well worth the effort that I put into choosing.

So, reviewing today is one of the most hyped about baby products available in the Indian market.

Product name: Sebamed Baby Shampoo




Company Claims:

  • Consolidates the resistance of baby’s delicate skin
  • With the pH value of 5.5 Baby sebamed is clinically proven to promote the
    development of the acid mantle
  • Free from nitro-mochus compounds, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, dioxan
  • Without colour additives
  • 100% soap and alkali-free
  • Especially mild wash active substances for gentle cleansing
  • Herbal extract of chamomile alleviates irritation and soothes the skin
  • Special “no tears” formula does not sting in the eyes
  • Promotes a healthy scalp for the growth of healthy hair
  • Excellent skin tolerance
  • Makes the hair easy to comb
  • Leaves hair fragrant and silkyimg_9961



I have been using the shampoo since two weeks now and it has pleasantly surprised me. It left my baby’s hair giving it a velvety texture. A coin size amount usually suffices for quantity. It is runny, colorless and doesn’t lather up much, leaving a mild fragrance after wash that proves it is gentle on my baby’s hair.

The small nozzle on top of the bottle ensures there are no spills and hence no messing around with hard-to-open bottles.

Additionally, it is soap free and 100% Alkali, travel friendly, mildly fragrant, tear-free and paraben-free. The quantity in the bottle promises to run for 4 to 5 months.


It is not readily available at many stores. This link will help you get access to the shampoo and Semabed Baby Essentials that are soon to be reviewed in my coming blog posts.

It gives your pocket a slight burn since a bottle measuring just 150 ml is priced at 425

Would I recommend this?

Personally, I enjoyed using the shampoo. It did not irritate bubz eyes and her hair smelt and felt amazing. Albeit, I would make the packaging look more interesting! A clear bottle would be much better with a slightly more inspiring label. The product itself is of far better quality than the packaging implies.

Rating: 4/5

You can buy the product directly using the link below :


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  1. In love with all the seba med products…nd as u said yes it does gives a slight burn in the pocket but Alhmdullilah it has suited well fr both my kids..

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