Review- Play Shifu Augmented Reality Educational Game for Kids 

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We as parents often worry about the digital exposure our kids get at a very early age. With the changing times we even have to readily accept that they will adapt what they see 

I am a kind of a parent who believes in keeping a balance of all kind of play and that can be made possible if we have our own screen time in check and the kind of content we expose them to

I was recently introduced to “Play Shifu” that creates augmented reality educational games for kids 

About PlayShifu 

These are designed by early childhood experts and parents. It is an interactive model to take kids learning to the next level by teaching them words, meanings, pronunciations and spellings. This focusses on developing their cognitive skills and imagination through real world knowledge 

My Personal Experience: 

I was contacted by the team and was asked to choose any of their variants as per Haniyas interest and was quite intrigued by the “Boat Safari” & “WildLife Safari” 

This game requires you to have an Android or IOS device. Each pack comes with 20 cards, a device stand and your unique activation code

All the instructions are mentioned on the box and are very easy to install and understand 

Shifu Safari is all about exploring the animal kingdom

Through its interactive approach it teaches about the food they eat, their habitat, the sound the make, different actions their do.

Introducing to animals and birds is the first step towards teaching them about their environment . You simply have to place the card in front of your rear camera and it detects and reads the name of the animal which comes alive on the screen. The cards are quite sturdy and bright in colour to catch your little ones attention too. 

The prescribed age for this game is above 2 years and I was not sure if Haniya will be able to make the most of it but I was quite surprised to see her actively enjoying the game.

She was quite fascinated by the sounds and movements each animal made 

This game has made it quite easy for me to introduce her to different characteristics and behaviours of each animal. It even states some interesting facts about each animal/bird which is a learning for me too (Wouldn’t lie, there were so many I was unaware of) 
These cards can be used in so many other ways if not with the device 

Why would I recommend this? 

  • Introduction to the entire animal kingdom within one box 
  • This game can be fun for the whole family 
  • Apart from learning about animals, this even enhances the pronunciation, vocabulary and spelling skills 
  • It is very inexpensive 
  • This game has no in app purchases or advertisements 
  • You get a 360 degree view of the habitat, animal/birds and can be zoomd further too 
  • The app just requires one time app installation and can be used without the internet too 

Price : Rs 299 
Where to buy from: Amazon & PlayShifu Website 
Click on the link below to buy:

Shifu Wildlife Jeep Safari with 20 Animals in 3D – Unique & Educational – iOS & Android – Augmented Reality game (Gift for Kids – Boys & Girls age 2-10 yrs – Fun & Learning – Mobile / Tablet based) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01MS74B5E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_k8G0zbMCMNCPM

You can follow PlayShifu on all their social media handles for regular updates 

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/playshifu/

Instagram – @playshifu

Twitter – @PlayShifu

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18 thoughts on “ Review- Play Shifu Augmented Reality Educational Game for Kids 

  1. This looks like an amazing game. Lately my daughter has started showing interest for animals. I think this is a best bet for me. I am so glad you reviewed it here and it’s so so detailed and just helped me decide to pick this for my little one ? The price too is so pocket friendly.

  2. Well my sister’s son has allot of interest in animals ? I would love to gift him this as his birthday is on 3 November ?? thanks for sharing such amazing game

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