Review- Personal & Hygiene Care Done Right by Bella

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A couple of days back I received a package full of Bella Products, I did not have to think twice before putting out my opinion about their products as I have been using these for almost 6-7 years.

Makes my life easy as I can go all out and talk about something I love

Bella is a worldwide known brand with over 65 years tradition in Europe

They have won the trust of women and are recognised all over the world

They specialise in Personal & Hygiene Card products for Women and have now open doors to baby care products too

Let’s quickly go through the products that were sent to me

Bella Happy Baby Diapers

They are made of cotton and have a clothlike cover which makes them rash free

It has quick absorption which keeps the baby skin dry and healthy

It has green tea extract which ensures anti bacterial protection and neutralises unpleasant smell

These have Velcro fasteners which give a perfect fit and doesn’t cause and discomfort

It has a cute print on the diaper.

They have sizes starting from XS that fits a baby weighing between 2-4kg

Cost: Rs 279 for 24pcs

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Bella Ideale Night Sanitary Napkins

These are super absorbent prevent unpleasant smell and bacteria formation

Air breathability is one of the main feature of Bella products that ensures proper air circulation and keeps you away from skin irritation

They are ultra thin and give a comfortable fit

It has 2mm of thickness and is 315mm long

They are neatly packed in a pocket type wrap which makes it convenient for travelling

The napkins have a soft cottony feel and smell very pleasant.

Cost: Rs 190 for a pack of 14napkins

Bella Soft Panty Liners

These are ideal solution for everyday hygiene. They are made out of breathable fabric that makes them the perfect choice for regular everyday use. These are perfume and latex free. The liners have 3mm thickness and comes with a soft and skilled friendly top sheet.

These are even available in individual wrapping and scented variants

Cost: Rs 55 for 12 liners

Bella Perfecta (Night)

This variant is ideal for Night use as it has high absorption quality. It has magic gels and absorbent pearls that turn the liquid into gel which makes leakage impossible. It has a mild fragrance that doesn’t irritate the skin. With 2mm of thickness it doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort

Cost: Rs 79 for 7pcs

Bella Cotton Balls

These are perfect for makeup, nailpaint removal, application of cleansers. They come in three colours; pink, yellow and white. These are made with allergy safe dyes so using them on the face will not cause any irritation. I loved the packaging. It comes in a cord string pack which can be closed after using it and can be safely stored anywhere even the bathroom

Each pack has 100 cotton balls. They are round, soft and fluffy and are perfect for daily use

Cost: Rs 129 for 1 pack (100 cotton balls)

Bella Feminine Wash

This is specially designed for women with sensitive skin. It has anti irritating, soothing and regenerating properties. Enriched with D Panthenol & Allantoin. It’s neutral pH supports skins natural protective barrier.

I personally like the handy pocket packs which can be carried around

They even have wipes in the same variant

Cost: Pocket Pack Rs 2 for 3ml product

All the Bella Products are easily available at leading stores online and offline.

You can even purchase them from your local pharmacies

I hope you enjoy using these products too as much as I rely on them

I’d love to hear from you

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12 thoughts on “Review- Personal & Hygiene Care Done Right by Bella

  1. I have used Bella Happy baby diapers and found them pretty good.Its excellent value for money and takes care of sensitive skin

  2. Have not tried Bella but will try for sure after this review. I believe you have really liked the products and are satisfied with them. So why not benefit from the same

  3. I have heard about Bella before and it’s an amazing product. I loved your review Afsha so informative and detailed. Thank you so much for this

  4. I haven’t heard about Bella but reading your review, I can say you are one satisfied user of the products. Their entire range looks promising thanks for the detailed review.

  5. Bella sounds like a good brand. Although I never came across it at the pharmacies. But I am quite interested in the night diapers. Will check them online. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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