Review- Palmers Skin Therapy Oil

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil 

Once you hit 25,solving skin issues is no more optional.You have to do every bit to prevent the damage that our current lifestyles do.I got pregnant when I turned 25 and obviously with pregnancy comes a lot of hormonal imbalance which first shows on the skin.I was told by a zillion people I met about how preganancy brings out that hidden glow. Well I must say thats utter rubbish.It definitely brings out something which is not anything close to glow.
I faced a lot of pigmentation,dark patches,dry skin and stretch marks (undoubtedly) during my first pregnancy and the only product that was suggested to me by all veteran mothers I had around me was Palmers
I did a little bit of research and purchased the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil and would like to share my personal experience with this product.
Features: Usually people are quite sceptical about face oils as it leads to greasiness but this is such a light weight oil and absorbs in a snap of a second.It has a very mild nutty fragrance to it which will definitely not bother the “Sensitive skin “ lot there.I had mild scarring and acne marks which faded with time so it definitely soothes irritated skin
On the Skin:As per the instructions mentioned,It is advisable to use it thrice a day but obviously i lead the lazy lot.I used it 1-2 times a day,preferrably before bed time and it gave me satisfactory results.It moisturises your skin and leaves it hydrated all day.One more observation i made was that it left my skin feeling more tighter and firmer.It completely sticks to its claim of being non greasy and non staining

Packaging:I am a huge sucker for cute packaging.This is nothing fancy but comes in a plain plastic bottle with product ingredients,claims and other details mentioned on the back.The USP of this product is the spray bottle dispenser,makes it so much easy and fuss free to use.Its a plastic bottle so makes it travel friendly as there is no chance of bottle breaking.The bottle is clear which helps us to know the amount of product left.Oil is clear and light yellow in colour


I personally loved the product and it does the job of three products i.e: Night Cream,Day Cream and Acne/Scars Cream.So lesser the products used on the face,better the skin feels.It has made my skin clearer and brighter and doesn’t clog your pores.The mild nutty fragrance and the easy absorption is what got me to continue using this product till date.A little goes a long way.2-3 drops are more than enough for the face.Ingredients like cocoa butter and vitamin E got me more excited to try this

Rating: 5/5


Value for money 

Good for dry and Damaged skin

Faint nutty smell which is very pleasant

Non greasy 

Helps reduce scars and irritated skin 

Makes the skin glow 


Might not be suitable for oily skin 
Would you recommend Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil to others?

Yes I would definitely.


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  1. Nice review.. does it remove freckles brown spots..I got freckles during pregnancy n its two n half year nw I hve tried many things to lighten freckles but nothing worked..

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