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Natures Absolute

What the company claims?
Nature’s Absolute prides itself on bringing you pure, cold pressed Argan Oil straight from the plantations of Morocco. This oil works as a highly effective, light weight hair serum by controlling frizzy hair, making it silky and manageable. Argan oil also soothes the scalp and deeply nourishes hair, making it vibrant and lustrous. As Argan oil is a light-weight carrier/base oil that is easily absorbed into the skin, it is also the perfect choice to blend essential oils with when used in body massages and aromatherapy
Features & details

• For hair care: Argan oil is a natural, light weight hair serum perfect for taming frizzy hair. It adds a healthy vibrance to hair, greatly improving its quality and effectively aids in soothing the scalp

For skin care: Face – Apply twice a day after using a cleanser and toner to moisturize your skin to add suppleness and a healthy glow to your skin Body – Best used as a moisturiser after a bath to effectively hydrate dry skin and making it soft and smooth

• Nature’s absolute uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that our cold pressed Argan oil’s purity is maintained. This light weight oil is colourless, odourless and can be blended with other essential and carrier or base oils so as to create a skin and hair care routine that works most effectively for each individual consumer
Argan oil as we all know is a plant oil produced from the kernels of Argan tree which is endemic to Morocco 

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Well the goodness of Argan Oil is known to all but there a different ways you can put this oil to use 

Argan oil is rich in Vitamin A & E. It is packed with anti oxidants,Omega 6 fatty acids

When applied externally, it boosts cell production and promotes healthy skin and hair 

That is the only reason all the cosmetic companies now have made Argan oil a staple in all their products 

But little do we know how much of that is truely present in the products we use 

Uses of Argan Oil
1️⃣Night time Moisturizer 

I immediately put it to use as my night cream. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue 


Mix 1tbsp of brown sugar with 2-3 drops of Argan oil and rub it on your face in circular motion.Sugar helps in removing the dead cells while Argan oil moisturises the skin immediately 

3️⃣Stretch Marks 

Though seeing results with stretch marks takes longer, but people rely on Argan oil to get rid of their stretch marks too 

4️⃣Whole body moisturiser 

There are no rules to using this. Once you see the glow it leaves on your face, you won’t resist from using it on your body too. Just mix a few drops of Argan oil with any of the carrier oils like Coconut,Almond , Olive or Sesame and use it as a body moisturiser 

5️⃣Leave in Conditioner 

This one is tried and tested by me,A little goes a long way.Less than one drop should be enough for medium length hair. Rub the oil between your palms before raking your fingers through your hair. Concentrate more on the lengths and the ends of your hair.Gets rid of the frizziness immediately.

6️⃣Lip Conditioner

Use a little less than a drop and massage it on your lips and leave it away.Cures dry and chapped lips and keeps it hydrated 


It’s an excellent remedy to get your nails to stay strong and moisturised.Rub a few drops and massage it on to your finger and toe nails

8️⃣Cracked Feet

Take a few drops and massage them well onto your feet and wear socks and leave them on preferably overnight 
There are so many other benefits and ways you can put Argan oil to use.I have just listed down a few that I have personally tried and tested

How to store Argan oil

To enjoy all it’s benefits, make it a part of your daily routine. Store the bottle away from direct sunlight. It is recommended to use the bottle within 6 months of opening.Buy small bottles at first as using it above 6 months can degrade the quality 

How to identify the purity of Argan Oil


The ingredient list should be very short!! It should be 100% kernel or 100% Argan oil 

2️⃣The bottle 

Beware of Argan oil been sold in clear plastic bottles as that deteriorate the quality of the oil. Genuine companies and sellers will have it stored or sold in dark coloured bottles to avoid light reaching the oil which can break down the oils properties and affect it’s quality 


Argan oil which is suitable for hair and skin is more of an odourless oil as it undergoes a filtration process to remove a fraction of oil to yield an odourless oil.Argan oil used for culinary purpose will have a nutty smell to it 


The texture of Argan oil should be smooth and silky.It should disappear into your skin.It should not feel slimy,sticky or watery 


Cosmetic Argan oil has a light golden yellow colour.Culinary Argan oil is slightly golden brown colour 

My Personal Experience

I have personally put this product to use in two ways, One as a leave in conditioner post a hair wash.I have put a stoppage to all chemically infused leave in conditioners for my hair as I suffered major hair loss and one drop of this on my hair keeps it away from all damage plus moisturises it too 

Second, as a night moisturiser. I have started opting out of the creams and lotions available in the market as they are complete hoax.Treating your skin with naturally infused oils gives you best result without having to worry about experimenting with unknown alien ingredients 

Price : 799 for 30ml 
Availability: Amazon,Flipkart, Snapdeal
Other Products: A wide range of 30 Essential & Carrier oils.

Would I recommend this?

Yes I would totally, for someone like me whose wanting to switch to natural and organic products for skin and haircare, Natures Absolutes has a variety of options to serve you with


Easily available 

Comes in small packaging too 


Sourced directly from Morocco


Packaging is not convenient to use 

I guess this is the only thing that disappointed me. It comes with a plastic cap on top which even results in spilling while taking it to use 

Which is why my bottle in the picture seems to look oily. 

Would love to know your experience with Argan oil. Feel free to leave a comment 
Until next time 

Stay hooked 


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  1. Lovely review! I have tried Again oil as a face oil and loved it. Did not know about the other uses. Thanks 🙂

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