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This Japanese brand is known for its stationary and beautifully designed accessories. I was thoroughly excited when the news of its opening in Bangalore reached me. It embarked on being launched at the VR Mall around 3 months ago. Without a second thought, I planned a weekend visit there with bubz and Hubsy, who knew a tiny wreck to his savings had to happen inevitably! ?


What grips your attention is that their designs are fundamental yet captivating. Muji is well-known for it’s amazing variety of diaries, notebooks, sketchbooks, pocket diaries and a copius collection of pens in varied colours. Make sure you don’t miss out on the simple pen stands, pencil holders and zip-locked pouches and folders. What’s incredible about these pens is that they are available in different nib sizes and a stationary hoarder will definitely know the right use for them.

They also have a striking collection of cute and perky stamps that you could use to design your just-splurged-on notebooks. I was super excited and selected a few favourite ones to buy until a tall and hooded guy interrupted my oh-so-sweet reverie by announcing- “Not for sale”. Howbeit, I ended up decorating my notebooks a little here and there. These stamps have got me so entranced that I’ve started looking for places to buy them.

Besides stationary, they have an extensive collection of home and kitchen essentials that would define a perfect dream house made of white and stiff linen sheets, white crockery, edgy denim cushions and diffusers. But of course, it all comes at a very heavy price.

I was fascinated by a mirror stand, which was barely bigger than my palm. I dared to ask it’s cost and bummer, it was priced at a whopping ₹1500!

Nonetheless, at least a single visit to this place is imperative.

Highlights : Stationary,Home & Kitchen
If you love lusting over gorgeous stationary, then this place is a divine abode!

Bummers : Whopping Prices. You are left desiring over those whimsical treasures.

Until next time

Stay hooked

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17 thoughts on “Review- MUJI

  1. Thank you for writing this! I’ve been wanting to go to the Bangalore MUJI store for a long time now, but I live in the other end of the city. So before I decide to make the trip there, I wanted to ask about the stationery prices. Can you give me a rough idea of how much the pens and notebooks cost you? Because the only thing discouraging me from heading all the way to the store right now is that the stationery prices might be too high.

    1. Oh sure il be glad to help
      The pens costed around 90-120rs
      Diaries and Notebooks varied depending on the size and the pages
      But on an average a pocket sized notebook costed around 300-350rs

      Please note prices may vafi as I dong remember the exact amount I paid

      1. That sounds quite reasonable considering the quality of the products. I was very discouraged by the prices I saw on Amazon.in, so I’m glad to hear that the store has better prices at least for the stationery! Thanks so much. 😀

  2. I was not aware about this Japanese brand of stationary and kitchen utensils. But in the pictures it looks so good and designer ones. Would love to visit there if I come to Bangalore. Thanks for sharing this information

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