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A mommy just like me recently got in touch with me and she had something very special and convenient to offer.
Yes I am talking about “Lactation Cookies” from MamaCookies00 that I have been gorging over the past few days.

Rifa from Mamacookies00 must have known that I am yet nursing my baby and made my job even more easy by introducing me to these nutritious little things that she so lovingly bakes.

(P.S: A handwritten note requires a special shoutout ?)

Not a lot of places do you find ready to eat foods made for lactating mothers and when someone does that,It is definitely up for grabs 

When I decided to choose breastfeeding my baby, I was asked to include a lot of foods in my diet that make the milk more nutritious and increase milk supply. But obvious that comes with a lot of work to prepare those foods, in short adding up to the already huge list of chores to finish 



About Mamacookies 

Mamacookies is a homegrown brand started by two friends Hasna and Rifa, selling Lactation cookies for pregnant and nursing mothers. These lactation cookies have been a hit in the US, UK, AUSTRALIA and many other countries since few years, so they thought why not in India and took the initiative to sell homemade freshly baked organic lactation cookies.



About the Cookies:
These are absolutely organic, made out of nutritious and delicious tasting ingredients that don’t tax you when you think of consuming them.They have substituted the basic cookie ingredients like Maida to Whole Wheat flour, Processed Sugar to Organic Brown sugar, Butter to Virgin coconut oil flaxmeal and oats being one of their basic ingredients.This definitely has topped my list of munchies or to curb those late night cravings (that strike very often ?)

Here comes the best part, though these are termed as lactation cookies, but can be consumed anyone looking for a healthy alternative to those unhealthy bakery products available in the market 

You can be sure of the quality of ingredients used, as a mother knows what’s best of all and that is Exactly why I feel MamaCookies has you covered 
I was sent three variants, ie White Chocolate Cranberry,Oatmeal Raisin and Milk Chocolate Almond

             (White Chocolate Cranberry )

                        (Oatmeal Raisin)

                (Milk Chocolate Almond)

I specifically loved the White Chocolate Cranberry and Milk Chocolate Almond only because I am not too big a fan of Raisins in anything (I am weird ?). They have a very dominating taste of coconut in it which makes it even more delicious
About the Results

Well it is too soon for me to comment on that.As prescribed by Rifa, one Cookie before every nursing session helps you achieve optimum results out of them.I will definitely order another pack of White Chocolate Cranberry as it even helped me curb those midnight cravings (Better than gorging on unhealthy biscuits)
Price Range : They cost depending on the flavour your order and range anywhere between Rs 950 to Rs 1400
Where can you order :

Use the link below 




Or visit their Instagram page : MamaCookies00



Do let me know if you ordered these and your experience with them 
Until next time 

Stay hooked 


21 thoughts on “Review- MamaCookies00 Lactation Cookies

  1. Lactation cookies help to some extent. I have tried those. I am in USA and they are easily available in stores. So I got one packet for trial and then tried making them on my own with some chocolate chip and brewers yeast (read that that’s the main ingredient in lactation cookies).
    They are definitely filling because of oats.

  2. These look yum! Lactation cookies Han! No more guilt when I forget on these now … Do they deliver pan India ??? Will try the FB page and see.. thanks

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