Review- LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss (Matte)

With motherhood comes a whole new set of challenges, and my “getting ready time” has been severely cut into. Nevertheless, I’m still inspired by beauty essentials and ready to explore trendy products to help me get presentable in as little time as possible.
When it comes to fashion, we femme fatales are always in pursuit of that perfect lip shade. And with the matte season on, the market is teeming with gazillion options to choose from!

I recently hit upon these underrated products from a brand labelled L.A Girl. It has now been launched in India too and is exclusively available at Nykaa, which is currently a one-stop shop for all your beauty sine qua non, starting from drugstore to high-end requisites.
I have picked up 5 shades, that are lushly named Fleur, Bazaar, Backstage, Dreamy and Rebel.

Dreamy: A brownish-pink nude, it is perfect for the Indian skin tone and for casual outings where you don’t want your lips to scream out loud. It glides on smoothly, just one swipe gives an amazing opaque finish

Fleur: It’s a peachy-brown hue that can compliment any kind of look. Very compatible with Indian skin tones.

Bazaar: This is a Rose-pink shade that’s an absolute must for us Indians and can wear it without giving a second thought. Perfect for Day and Night look.
Rebel: This is a deep plum-toned shade, which can be worn with soft neutral eyes.

Backstage: This one had me disappointed slightly as it took more than one swipe to apply, unlike the rest of them. It’s one of those deep cranberry shades but it gives minimal coverage. It took me three swipes to get an opaque finish.

There are a few other products from L.A. GIRL that I’m currently experimenting with and shall post a review on them shortly.

Product Name: L.A.GIRL Liquid Matte

Pros :

* Transfer-proof. They last long.
* Affordable
* Simple yet chíc packaging
* See-through packaging to identify shades
* Shades suit Indian skin tone

* Mostly out of stock
* Not easily available at stores
* Moderately dries out
* Chips away after 4-5 hours

How to remove: Try rubbing any oil as it will help in breaking the product down. This way, it will come off easily.

Applicator: It has a doe foot applicator, of which, personally, I am not a big fan of.

Product Quantity & Price: Rs 575 for 5g lipstick container.

Would I recommend this?

Yes, totally! Handling a baby along with frequent visits to the powder room for touch-ups is a dream. So invest in longlasting lipsticks and this one won’t let you down.

Rating: 4/5

Tip: Moisturise your lips well before applying.

Do keep in mind that colours can look different in swatches and on the lip. Therefore, I’ve elucidated the tones of each shade.

Type in your feedbacks and tell me all about your favourite shades from this range.

Until next time
Stay hooked

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