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When Haniya was born, my first ever practical concern was what “Diapers” are suitable for a newborn but amidst by delivery woes and the labor issues I obviously forgot to do my research and stock up with the best 

When I had her delivered, we were gifted with a very cute hamper by the hospital which had all the necessary items required for a new born baby and were all by Himalaya Baby Care so obviously that was the first baby brand I put to use. 

Over a period of time we switched from regular diaper style to pant style as I feel that gives a more comfortable fit 

Himalaya Baby Care has recently launched their Total Care Baby Pants.

What the brand Claims:

Your baby requires the utmost care. Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants, is a one-step diaper solution specially designed for comfort, protection and total care of baby’s skin. Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants comes in an easy to wear pant style design that offer a soft and comfortable fit & are easy to pull on and off. Enriched with the goodness of Aloe vera and Yashada bhasma, Himalaya Total CareBaby Pants offers a protective anti-rash shield that reduces the activity of harmful enzymes and prevents diaper rash.

Key Features: 

My Personal Experience: 

The diaper has an extremely cottony feel to it and is white and lilac in colour (Looks good to me already) ?. It has an all over print of duck,sun, flowers and everything so “baby”

I usually change my daughters diapers just before going to sleep and obviously look for something that runs through the night 

I put this to test and it went on for the entire night with no leakage and absolutely no rash around the bottom area. It is completely fragrance free that makes it a win win for babies with extremely sensitive skin. Pant style diapers usually leave elastic marks on the skin but this fits perfect around the waist and gave no discomfort

The green colour inner lining of the diaper is buttery soft and has an anti rash shield. Itclaims to have a wetness indicator and it seemed quite effective as shown in the image below 


  • Has an Anti rash shield made with Aloe & Yashad Bhasma (Zinc Oxide) 
  • Completely Leak proof 
  • Runs through the night 
  • Fits perfect and doesn’t cause discomfort 
  • Made out of breathable fabric 
  • High Absorbency 
  • Available online at Amazon 
  • Different sizes as per baby’s weight 
  • Fragrance free


  • Not easily available at retail stores or pharmacies (Can be because of it recently launched

Price: Rs 588 for 54 pieces 

: Amazon

Click on the link below to purchase the product 

Himalaya Total Care Medium Size Baby Pants Diapers (54 Count) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B06Y1N228B/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_AL6VzbC3G1DND

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16 thoughts on “Review- Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants 

  1. Very useful informarion as my sisso is going to deliver a baby and we were in dialama either go for himalaya or johnsons …… we got the answer…..

  2. Though I am using mammy poko pants but as it finishes I will certainly order this one next coz I loved the review and it has everything a mom looks for in pants for babies ??

  3. Wow diapers by Himalaya great….I am using very old pampers pants….it’s good but problem is baby k bottom area me red line ajata hai don’t know why…..I will try this one too

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