Review- Gilette Venus Breeze

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Well this product has been doing quite the rounds in the market and with the buzz it has created it is sure to remain 

Today I am reviewing the Gilette Venus Breeze Razor that I recieved in my PR package at the Bloggers Meet I attended last week.

Special Features: 

▪️Moisture Gel bars that are formulated with Body butter 

▪️Fresh Tropical Scent 

▪️Designed with three blades for a flexible close shave 

▪️Sleek handle with enhanced grip

Personal Experience: 

I am absolutely new to shaving but I’d definitely wanted to give it a try and this one arrived at the right time.The razor comes in a beautiful floral printed box with one cartridge . I love the colour chosen for this new variant.

The plastic wand has a rubber grip to it which makes it easy to use and control.

Having the Gel bars makes shaving so easy as you don’t need any soap application prior to shaving.

However, dampen the razor and the area before shaving as it leads to a much smoother and closer shave 

     The Gel bars have a very faint floral smell to it which I absolutely loved and lathers mildly which is enough and works beautifully on the skin

The best part of the Gel bars is that they don’t melt very easily.

Like all their previous variants, this one too has three blades and makes it easy to shave the curved areas. The sharpness of the blade glides smoothly on without pulling the hair out.

As this was my first experience with shaving, The hair took around 7-8 days for it to be shaved again!! My hair growth on the legs is usually slower than my arms.After all it varies from person to person 

The cartridge needs to be changed once the Gel bars are over. It’s highly recommended to store the razor in a dry place after use.


Super cute Packaging 

Comes with Gel bars

Floral fragrance 

Travel friendly 

Flexible and glides easily on curved areas

Leaves the skin smooth & soft 

Comes with 3 blades for a closer shave 

Cartridge can be refilled 


The Gel bars might finish before the razor loses its sharpness 

Price : RS 299

Extra cartridges: Pack of 2 for RS 350 

Would I recommend this? 

Yes I’d definitely as it’s easier and convenient to use.

Until next time 

Stay hooked 

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23 thoughts on “Review- Gilette Venus Breeze

  1. i have been using this since quiet a many years, have been getting my stock from abroad, didn’t know they have launched here too…..great. they are very good, except like you said the gel bar tends to fall off within a few uses.

  2. It is definitely travel friendly. I had used it for quite sometime but running out of gel is one thing I don’t like in this model.

  3. Are you personally going to use this for regular hair cleanup or would you prefer it for travel & emergencies only??

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