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Hi guys hope you all are doing well, In sha Allah 

Well this one has been on the procrastination list for quite some time and I feel so guilty about it ! 

Nevertheless, here I am talking about this product which is doing quite the rounds already now 

What the brand says? 

Freshistry is a brand new concept of buying skin and hair care products by customizing them online. We call them FRESHY’s because every product is freshly brewed for each one of you!

My Personal Experience : 
I have been on a lookout for the right kind of product for my skin and just in time when I was introduced to this brand called “Freshistry”. I love the name, it’s the chemistry of fresh products specially brewed for you.

Customisable beauty products is still quite new to the market but this concept is definitely here to stay 

How amazing it is to be able to select the base, fragrance,treatment potion as per your skins demands and not to forget you get to name your product too, whatever you wish it to be.

How to create your own product ?

▪️Skin/Scalp type and the base 

▪️Herbs as per your skin/hair

▪️Colour to your product 


▪️Name for your product 

Currently Freshistry has 4 variants in their range of products 

▪️Face Cream 

▪️Hair Cleanser 


▪️Face Cleanser 

Well, I chose a Face Cream for myself as I have combination skin type and selected “Whip” as a base with Sage & Rose Mary as my herb potions 

Sage & Rosemary help in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and helps in delaying premature aging of skin.

I placed my order as my suitability and recieved it in 4-5 days well packed in a customised freshistry box 
It comes in a tasseled cloth satin pouch with a black tub of your product and the Herb potion as seen in the image below 

▪️The face cream has a mild fragrance to it which gets even milder after a few hours of application 

▪️It is slightly thick in consistency so a little product can go a long way 

▪️Feels slightly greasy the minute you apply but gets absorbed into the skin after a while 

▪️Keeps my skin hydrated for good 5-6 hours 


1. Can the potion be mixed at once or should be mixed at every application?

▪️It can be mixed. It wont spoil the product but will make it slightly watery as the potion wont merge in it 100%. Not recommended 

2. Why is the herb potion watery?

▪️It is the hydrosol of the herb and with the process of condensation and evaporation it is extracted as oil based would not suit in case of face or hair cleansers.Therefore it is watery


▪️The bottle of potion should have a dropper for mess free usage

▪️Feels slightly greasy in the first few minutes of application 

Price : Rs 345 excluding the potion 

            Rs 50 for herb potion

Shelf life: 6 Months for the product 

                 45 days for the potion ( As freshly brewed with no added preservatives)

Directions for Use: Take required amount of cream and add 5-6 drops of “The extra potion” to it and apply gently.

Ingredients: Aqua, cream base, beeswax, MCW,T.E.A,perfume, preservatives

Availability : You can purchase it from their website by clicking here ?


Click below to get yourself a free consultation before purchasing the product


Until next time 

Stay hooked 


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  1. I liked the idea of creating your own product. Also the name is very applealing. Your review very promising.

  2. I have been totally crushing over their packaging and concept. And I think it would be a luxurious gift to any mom!!! Loved yiur honest review.

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