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Health & Fitness industry has evolved into a while new thing in the past few years 

People are very conscious of what they eat, where they eat and how they eat

I was sent this delicious looking Low Carb Meal from Fit Dish Fetish

The meal consisted of diced vegetables, chicken with brown rice and accompanied by a Thai sauce

The veggies were so lightly tossed in spices and had their crunch until I had it for dinner. The meal has generous pieces of chicken and would easily suffice one person .

They serve 100% Halal Meat and come in super handy for days you don’t want to cook but even not mess around with your diet plan
These meals can be carried to office or for any outing as they come in microwave safe boxes and are neatly packed with cutlery,tissues and toothpicks

They expertise in “Healthy Food Delivery” service and curate each meal as per your calorie demand

Currently they are based out of Bangalore only and can be ordered through their website or by calling them


The Low Carb Meal that was sent to me is priced at Rs 250


So go grab your share of health from FIT DISH FETISH ( I love the name, btw)

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  1. Afsha,I would love to know opinion about brown rice.How it tastes?Is it similar to white rice or bit different?

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