Review- Baby Dove Lotion & Baby Dove Soap

This range took me by surprise because I wasn’t really expecting Dove to launch a range for babies. But bam! Here they are! Dove has risen to become a household name in the Indian market. I, myself, have been a devoted user of Dove shampoos and body washes. They are so pleasant smelling! This beauty essential brand meets a common man’s needs very efficiently.
If truth be told, I was quite intrigued when I got to know of the products launched by Baby Dove. On an impulse, I purchased a lotion and a baby soap. The entire range, however, includes Baby Lotions, Baby Soaps, Baby wipes & Diaper Rash creams.

Baby Dove Soap 

I used the Baby Dove soap on myself too. It looks like a standard Dove soap bar but is slightly smaller in size. It has a baby dove and a mama dove embossed on it. So cute and well thought of :). It forms a rich lather. Also helps in removing oil that’s pre-massaged on the baby without drying out the skin.


> Pros 

* Comes in two sizes 

* Available in two variants: Rich Moisture & Sensitive Moisture 

* Is gentle on the skin 

* Mildly fragrant and doesn’t irrritate the baby

* Ophthalmologist & Dermatologist Tested 

* Paraben free 

* Affordable

* Easily available at stores & online at Amazon 


* Might not be suitable for excessive dry skin

 Would I recommend this?
* Undoubtedly! 

Baby Dove Lotion 

With mild winters hitting the city, bubz was already suffering from dry skin and just like any other concerned mum, I was on a hunt for a good baby lotion for her. It was just in time that I could purchase the lotion. I am glad it did not disappoint me. A baby’s skin is young, weak and susceptible and therefore unwise use of just any lotion can seriously interfere with their skins.

Dove Baby Lotion has a semi-thick consistency and gets absorbed into the skin in no time. It has a non-greasy feel and keeps your skin well-hydrated for quite a few hours. M and I fell in love with its fragrance. There have been times when I have lathered some of it on myself too and admittedly I’m fascinated by this enchanting baby lotion.

The packaging is quite simple but cute to rest your eyes on. After bathing bubz with the Baby Dove soap, I use the lotion which is a perfect combination as it hydrates the skin and keeps it well moisturised too.

> Pros

* Appealing packaging

* The bottle is quite sturdy and travel-worthy

* Mild sweet fragrance 

* Non-greasy 

* Gets absorbed into the skin quickly 

* Reasonably priced at ?

* Paraben-free 

* Dermatologist & Paediatrician tested 

* Conveniently available at stores & online at Amazon 


* Fragrance doesn’t last too long 

*Needs to be reapplied in 3-4 hours 

Would I recommend this ?

Yes Totally!!

Rating: 4/5

Do share your views if you have used this product in the comments below 

Until next time 

Stay hooked 


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