Review-Baby Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soap 

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We, as mothers, are always struggling to hunt for the best products for our babies. And this time, I’ve come across the Biotique range for babies. I was unaware about their wide range of products for babies up until now. Hence, I instantly selected baby soap that is one of the merchandise in their array. It not only claims to be created with almond oil but also pure fruits and vegetable extracts.

So here’s the review for this time.


It comes in a simple cardboard box with nothing fancy to exhibit. The brand name along with the ingredients, price and it’s shelf life are mentioned on the back of the box.

When opened, the soap is sealed in plastic. The bar has an off-creamish colour and is oval in shape. It has Biotique engraved on it. 

My Personal Experience

 The soap lathers on quite well and has a peculiar smell that does not really please me. Besides this, I was happy that it did not irritate Haniya’s skin as she has been blessed with super sensitive skin.

* Affordable 
* Easily available 
* Does not irritate skin 
* Doesn’t dry out the skin 

* It could have had a better fragrance. 

Price : Rs 47/- for 100gms 

* FirstCry 

* Amazon 

Would I recommend this ? 

Well if you are a fanatic of good fragrance like me, avoid it. Or else, definitely give it a shot.
Do let me know if you have tried this Soap and your experiences 

Until next time 

Stay hooked 


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  1. I have stopped using soap on my babies altogether but Biotique is a brand I love and trust. Will check out their baby range!

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