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We all know that “Aveeno is finally in India” 

We were given a few products to try and I was glad as the lookout for the right moisturiser is constantly going on 

I have been using the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion & Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash for Haniya ever since I have recieved them 

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion 

Aveeno is well known for its products made out of active colloidal oatmeal blended with rich emollients that makes it even suitable for sensitive skin type too 

It comes in a tube form which is blue and beige in colour. The packaging is simple yet attractive.

It’s slightly thicker in consistency and a little product does the job

It has all the ingredients clearly mentioned on the tube.My daughter has sensitive skin and this one suits her skin type and keeps it well hydrated throughout the day 

It is completely fragrance free so it works great for babies with allergies too.


  • Fragrance free 
  • Paraben free 
  • Suits all skin types 
  • Dermatologists approved 
  • Non greasy and gets absorbed easily 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Recommended globally by paediatricians 


  • Slightly expensive than other products available in the market 

Price: Rs 799 for 227gms 
Where to buy: Available on Amazon India and all retail stores too

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash 

This is specially formulated with natural colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients blended into a creamy wash that gently cleanses the skin. 

The product is thick and super creamy and makes the skin soft and hydrated after every wash 

I usually give my baby a body wash twice in each bath and it requires a lot of product and doesn’t lather quite a lot as well

It is a blue beige plastic bottle that comes with a cap on top to squeeze the product out. Unfortunately the design of the cap isn’t very user friendly as it requires excessive squeezing to dispense the product.

The product is not scented that makes it a win win for the sensitive skin types there. 


  • Tear free 
  • Paraben free 
  • Super Creamy and leaves the skin moisturised 
  • Made with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin type too 
  • Recommended globally by paediatricians
  • Dermatologists approved 


  • The cap to dispense the product is not user friendly 
  • Slightly expensive than other products available in the market

Price : Rs 799 for 236ml
Where to buy: Available on Amazon India and all retail stores too

With the constant import of products in India, we usually come across a lot of fake products that are circulated in the market

To avoid customers getting forged into this, Aveeno India has taken strict measures and simple ways for its consumers to identify the right and genuine product 

Please look for the genuine seal on every product you purchase as shown in the image below 

Also buying from recognized and genuine sellers can reduce the chances of buying fake products 

Final Verdict: 

I used to always ask my friends and family to purchase my Aveeno supplies but now the launch in India has made it super easy for all mommies out there to get their hands on the best of all for their babies 

Undoubtedly the product is slightly expensive than all other options available in the market but the ingredients that it’s infused with makes me want to look for no other option
I would like to thank “My Baby Chakra” for inviting me to the premier launch of Aveeno Baby held in Mumbai

The team has been very kind enough to roll out a discount coupon for all my readers 

Order your stash of goodness from Amazon India now 


Use the coupon code “BABYCHAKRA” to get a flat Rs 100 off 

Shop at amazon.in/aveeno

Seller: Cloudtail

Valid till Aug 31 2017

I would love to know your thoughts on these products 

Feel free to comment below 

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28 thoughts on “Review-Aveeno Baby Products 

  1. Wow! My daughter has sensitive skin too and I’m always so apprehensive about trying new products, but aveeno seems worth the try! Thanks for the coupon code too

  2. That’s such a relief for moms… I remember asking every single person I knew who was travelling to the US to get me aveeno products to everyone they got finished.


  3. I love aveeno products, they are definitely on the expensive side though but worth it!
    Enjoyed the coverage on your insta story of the launch!

  4. Aveeno is a trusted brand for parents. I have used Aveeno moisturizer and sunscreen on my daughter when she as little. It works great.
    Good that now it’s also available in India.

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