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After trying all the products available in the market, somewhere down the line we go back to our long forgotten home remedies but the lazy bug in us keeps us from taking the most of the miraculous ingredients lying untouched on our kitchen shelves.

That’s where a brand like Ang Tatva steps in and changes the game of skincare with no rocket science ingredients but simple plain kitchen stuff
About AngTatva

Headed by Misha who is a post graduate in Fashion and has work hand in hand with labels like Gaurav Gupta etc.She gave up on her full time job when she got pregnant with twins and she took up blogging full time.She always had an inclination towards Ayurveda and working with different kind of herbs.Her interest led to the birth of “Ang Tatva” as she decided to curate products for different kind of skin and hair issues 
I underwent a simple consultation with Misha where we discussed my problem areas and decided on treatments and my products were curated accordingly 
I was sent three products for hair and skin care.Let me take you through all the three in detail

Kesh Tatva-The Miracle Mask 

This is a hair mask for dryness and is infused with Dominant ingredients like Ghee and curry leaves 

As per instructions, the mask needs to be heated for a few seconds for the ghee to melt and then applied on to the scalp and hair.

I applied it and had it on for around 2-3 hours as I decided to finish all pending chores. 

You need a little more shampoo product to wash it off as it has ghee in it but it’s all worth it. 

My hair has never felt so nourished and smooth. You can even apply this pack and leave it on overnight

Ingredients: Homemade Pure Desi Ghee,curry leaves,Bhringraj,Liquorice Powder,Brahmi leaves,Methi and a few more Ayurvedic herbs 
Direction of Use: Take 2-3Tbsp depending on the length and thickness of your hair, warm it a little and apply to the scalp and the hair generously.

Kaya Tatva- Scrub Off 

Friday is usually my pampering day so I decided to give the face Scrub and pack a try too

This one is made out of Gramflour,Brown Sugar

You need to add honey and lemon juice in it to make a thick paste 

I applied it on my face and let it sit for 10-15 minutes and scrubbed it off with slightly wet palms 

My face had an instant glow with all the dead skin scrubbed off

This might leave your skin slightly red but nothing to worry as it’s just the post scrub effect 

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Gram Flour, Kesar and few other Ayurvedic herbs
Direction of Use:Take a spoonful of the scrub and mix it with little curd and lemon juice and massage on your face. Let it rest for a while and once dried, scrub it off.

Kaya Tatva- Glow Worm 

Post the scrub, I finished off my detox session with a face pack that is made out of Oats, rice flour and other ingredients that are known to brighten dull skin

It helped in moisturising my skin and left my skin feel plump and soft 

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Powdered Oats, Fenugreek, White poppy,turmeric powder,Yastimadhu and few pulse mix 
Direction of Use: Take a spoonful of the pack and mix it with honey and milk to make a thick paste.Let it sit for 20-25 minutes. Rinse with cold water 


1. Natural & Safe Ingredients 

2. Homemade

3. Easy to use

4. Products customisable as per problem areas 

5. Home Delivered

6. Affordable 

7. Jars can be reused 

8. A little product goes a long way 


1. Glass Jars, Any breakage can lead to damaging the whole product 

2. Not travel friendly 

Final Verdict 

With so much already to do,getting homemade remedies delivered at your doorstep is such a relief

Misha, the founder of Ang Tatva is so cooperative and will help you until she can curate the right product for you 

I’d recommend all you lovely people to give these miraculous products a try and I am sure you will not be disappointed 

Until next time 

Stay hooked 


36 thoughts on “Review- Ang Tatva

  1. These jars are super cute!!! I’m already excited what would I store in them 🙂

    I would love to try Kesh or the hair tatva!

  2. I would love to try these products the neem hair masks . I am sure my hairs will thank me after using it.

  3. I have tried the hair mask and face pack and both were amazing. You are right,Misha is very cooperative and professional.

    I loved both the products. I wish AngaTatva should start International shipping too…

  4. We always long for chemical free skin and hair treatments and we finally have a brand which has solution to all our skin problems. I was appalled to read the ingredients and researched a bit about them. Each and every ingredient has an amazing effect on the hair. It felt so good to touch my hair after the wash but what I didn’t liked is that it takes two washes to rinse off the product from the hair.

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