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In India we have very few takers for handmade products as most of us are so engrossed in what the big brands have to say but little do we know about these producers that make handmade organic itemsTo get access to such beautifully curated products Qtrove has you sorted !! 

The team was very kind enough to ask me to select a few products I’d like to review and very conveniently like any foodie would do I jumped onto the Food page !! 

But don’t you worry they have you covered in Food, Beverages , Home Decor, Bed & Bath, Household Essentials, Kids Zone, Fashion and not to miss out their 199 trove 

I anyways had my North India trip planned so what better occasion to carry some more Food items that can be put to best use 

I particularly kept bubz in mind and ordered a few things

I ordered the fruits roll ups, fudges and some healthy Makhnas 


They are made by this company called Organa and were available in so many flavours and the best part being no artificial colours or sugars added to it

Click on the link below to see the product details and price :


I am sure a lot of you must have already tried it, I hadn’t at least before ordering from here 

I tried the Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Chunky Cashew and Dark Chocolate 

They typically tasted like any other fudges you would buy from the Market but you sure they have no artificial ingredients added to it 

Click on the link below to see the product details and price :



I ordered a few Makhnas from their range in Tomato & Pudina Flavours 

They were slightly oily to my taste 

But obviously everybody is blessed with different tastebuds !! 

Click on the link below to see the product details and price :

Qtrove was very kind enough to give a discount code for all you lovely shoppers there 

Use the code MOMTASTIC15 to avail a 15% discount on orders above Rs 500 

(Offer valid till 31st Jan 2016)

Do let me know your purchases and share your experiences too 

Until next time 

Stay hooked 


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