Parenting is a two way traffic jam

 It Takes 2

Recently MyCity4kids joined hands with pampers India for their new campaign called Ittakes2 which puts light on the importance of both the parents in raising a child.A survey for conducted by Neilson in association with Pampers, and it revealed a few unbelievable statistics –   

88% dads believe that baby chores primarily needonly the mom’s involvement

83% dads wish to be more involved in babycare but they don’t know how to, But 97% moms believe that IT TAKES 2 to raise a Happy, Healthy baby

97% doctors believe that the baby needs both his mother and father for optimum development. 

Change is the only thing constant”. This may be an old adage but holds utterly true even to this day. Our world has remarkably evolved and we live in a more unconventional environment than our parents did. Today, it is overwhelming to see many fathers take equal participation in raising their child as much as a mother does.Pampers recently organized a thoughtful campaign emphasising the importance of fathers sharing shoulders in carrying out responsibility for raising their children. The agenda of this campaign isn’t to accuse fathers, saying: “You don’t do anything ” but to promote parenting, stating: “We both do everything”. It is imperative that both mother and father make equal commitment to provide their babies with a holistic development in their childhood.
   It is well-known that in earlier times a father was mainly responsible for his child’s upbringing in terms of financial security. Also, taking care of the baby meant having a mother around. However, changing times have brought forth women who go out for work and we now have stay-at-home-fathers. The emotional involvement that a parent shares with a child is an ideal investment in both the stability of the family and the mental development of the child. A child is moulded into what his parents allow him to become. He picks up habits and characteristics that he observes in his environment. In all, a child sees the world in its miniature version at his home. Having around two devoted individuals to guide, a child learns to have a diversified perspective towards life. He learns teamwork and discipline which are some of the core values of parenting. Additionally, children also get to experience the balance of emotions extended by both parents. A woman is emotion-driven and a man is logic-driven. Experiencing this balance, helps children deal effectively with different behaviours and attributes of people in their lives.

  Just like how a dish turns out to be delicious when different ingredients are added to it, similarly a mother and father bring different edification and guidance to create a confident, healthy and happy child in the world.Not to be considered unworthy, changing diapers is a great way for fathers to start connecting with their babies right from the time they are born! It is a comparatively easy task which gives the father the confidence that he can play a role in taking care of the baby. It motivates him to do more and put in more efforts.Personally,

I feel, Pampers is one of the most trusted brands around the world and in India too it has contributed in making our lives effortless.

And like evry other mother believes that definitely #ittakes2 to raise a happy and healthy child

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