Nutrition & Nurture, Are you doing it the right way?

Of Prodigies, Nutrition and Nurture (Changes made in yellow)

You probably know about Mozart who learned piano at the ago of four and wrote his first symphony at the age of eight. Do you know about Sushma Verma, a 15-year-old who became the youngest postgraduate in India? Or about Aelita Andre, an 11-year-old who sells paintings for $50,000 and has already held solo exhibitions?

There’s something about such children that has always fascinated me. They managed to outsmart adults with their achievements and are known as child prodigies. It’s astounding when I think about what I was capable of doing when I was 10 years; Apart from munching on sweets and endlessly playing outside, I didn’t really do much.

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Ever since I got to know about child prodigies, I have wondered how they come to be about. As I would learn, prodigies are for the most part born as prodigies. Their extraordinary cognitive, problem solving and creative skills are a gift from nature.

For most of us, our intelligence and achievements are a product of the capabilities we are born with and the environment we grow up in. For a long time, psychologists have wondered about the role of nature and nurture during childhood and later stages of life.

When it comes to the nurture part, as parents, we want to make sure our children develop their abilities to the fullest during the most important phase of brain development. Haniya, My daughter is still growing up and I want to make sure she develops to excel in an ever-changing competitive world[1] .

Getting my daughter introduced to shapes, forms and objects is very important for her cognitive development. This type of playtime helps develop her motor and cognitive skills. She already loves playing with toys and games that let her build and create what she wants. I also got to know how an activity as simple as reading aloud to children can help form a bond and aid emotional growth. Everything goes a long way to support a growing brain.

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You probably already know how most brain development[2]  among children takes place during the first few years. The brain grows up to 90% of its adult size by the age of five! During this period, the brain requires the right nutrients and stimulation. Some nutrients may not be derived in required quantities from a regular diet.

Among all the nutrients, I got to know how DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid plays an especially important role when it comes to brain development among children. The deficit of this nutrient has been linked to learning deficits. This building block of the brain is not produced by the human body in sufficient quantities and thus dietary intake of 100-150 mg of DHA becomes essential. DHA is mostly found in fish oils which many not be a staple part of our diets.

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I was looking at different sources of DHA when I came across Enfagrow A+, a nutritional supplement. For children above 2 years of age, it provides DHA and several other key nutrients that help in brain development, boosting immunity and maintaining overall health.

Along with DHA, it contains iron , zinc , vitamin B6 and B12 , folate and other nutrients. Probiotics in the supplement help boost immunity and calcium helps bone growth. It has been scientifically perfected with over 30 years of global experience to make for a comprehensive supplement for physical and mental growth.

We know how difficult it can be to feed nutritional food to children on a consistent basis. But it’s different with Enfagrow A+ as it comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors that children (Hinaya is simply loving the chocolate variety).

Preparing a delicious cup of the formula is also pretty easy. For a single serving, add 3 scoops (approx 30 gms) to 120 ml of warm milk and stir well. Children can be given 2 servings a day .

So now that you know about the importance of right nutrition for optimal mental development of your child, make an informed choice by ordering a can of Enfagrow A+.

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