My Parenting Mantra 

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My Parenting Mantra : You Are Doing It Right Mama

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My Parenting Mantra 

Well it’s quite true that there is no one way to parenting, we all have different ways of playing this ball game and today I would like to share a few things I follow 

1️⃣Old is Gold

Well I’ve read and come across a number of debates over how old age methods of parenting don’t work, but I truly believe in some of them and Alhamdulillah they have worked in favour of me and Haniya. My mother is a fusion of old age and new age parenting and I totally adore that. Methods like massaging the baby, looking for home made remedies for cough-cold fever, swaddling and the 40days post partum care are some of those old age techniques that I religiously followed

2️⃣Its ok to not do it All

I’ve always been the one who would be on toes until all the tasks assigned to me are not fulfilled but this has changed now. Over the course of time, spending time with my daughter has become more of a priority than getting the house mess cleaned (Though that is still important,but it’s secondary)

3️⃣Don’t make them Delicate Darlings

I’ve always cringed over people being over protective with their kids when they outdoors or even a little dirt on them will get them empty their sanitizer cans. We need to teach our kids to understand a little pain doesn’t break them.They are strong enough to get moving.After all life isn’t a bed of rose for anyone.

4️⃣Introduce & Involve

We are always on a lookout to introduce new things to our kids. But that’s not where our job ends. We should learn to involve ourselves equally when we introduce them to new things. For eg: I am teaching Haniya our Islamic way of drinking water, and that’s by sitting down and drinking water in sips. She will only learn that when she watches me do the same 

5️⃣Stop fussing over technology 

I know, Lots of eye rolls coming my way but I got to say what I feel. On one hand we claim that our kids watch what we do then what makes you say your kid won’t pick up your habit of using your phone or your gadgets.Yes I do believe in limiting time for the same but if a 20 minute rhyme can give me some breathing space then I don’t find anything wrong in that

6️⃣Learn to be flexible 

I have failed a number of times with the parenting methods I applied but I was flexible and open enough to follow a simple piece of advice that came from my maid too.Not all advices that we are bombarded with are wrong. Listen to all, pick and do what suits you 

7️⃣Presence is more important than presents

Quite often we pacify a kid with a materialistic approach than an emotional approach and that’s where we all go wrong, No doubts you can Shower your kid with as many things as you want but that should definitely not be the reason why your kid spends time with you. Bonding over small things, telling each other jokes, sharing things, eating together, going to the park are a few acts that will create a much stronger impact

8️⃣Praise while you raise 

One of the most important aspect of parenting is to learn to praise or appreciate your kid right from the start. A small blabber also means a lot to them if it’s appreciated and encouraged in the right way and keeps them motivated. Hence they learn to be thankful and happy in small things in life too
Well I can go on and on, but I guess il sum it up here as these are a few basic mantras that work for me

I’d like to know your ideas and ways of parenting too 

Feel free to comment below. 
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38 thoughts on “My Parenting Mantra 

  1. Lovely perspective! I am totally with you on don’t make them delicate darlings. We to tend to overprotect them sometimes.

  2. I agree with everything you have said. I’m sure many parents can not just agree but also apply these mantras to their lives….loved the praise while u raise point…quite often v tend to not praise their little achievements and that’s not Gd.

  3. It is so true when you say about kids getting glued to gadgets. They surely learn from watching. Also I second your thoughts on making children strong enough to fight their own battles.

  4. Wonderful Afsha. I totally loved your perspective. You have a Gorgeous Mom ❤️ And a wonderful daughter and the fact that you are doing it right.

    I also don’t bring up my kids like fragile butterflies. They fall they get up and brush themselves and run ❤️?

  5. Beautifully written post…I agree if a bit of a screen time gives us a breather then I am okay with it too.

  6. such a heartfelt note Afsha. I absolutely loved all the pics in this post of you and your mom and Haniya too. Every mom does her best I truly believe that.

  7. Afsha you have gathered true parenting experience here. It’s true that they copy our actions than listening to our teachings. Both my kids are extremely religious and speak mantras of Mahadev since they watch us pay at home.

  8. Really nice post, I agree with technology and breathing time. I give my son 2 hours of screen time now that he is 2.when he was younger he was never interested in screen and I wished he was so it could give me some me time.

  9. Nice post! I agree that life ain’t no bed of roses andthe little ones should learn how that handle every fall as well!

  10. It’s like you’re speaking my mind! Mixing the old with the new, praising while raising, not fussing over technology, not being overprotective, and letting our actions teach them over our words, I totally believe in everything you listed. 🙂

  11. Wowww u have such a great approach for parenting …Loved these tips will follow d same for my baby …

  12. Enjoyed reading specially presence is important than presents is so very true.
    Beautiful post and beautiful pics..

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