Micronutrient Deficiency, How should it be fixed?

Micronutrient deficiency- why as a parent good nutrition should be your mission for your baby?

Hey all mothers, are you too always worried about the lousy eating habits of your kids? Do not worry then, you are not alone in this as nobody remains spared from this bittersweet feeling. The pleasure of seeing that smile on your angel’s face and the headache you get when putting your best efforts to make her swallow the piece of papaya instead of spitting it out. I am sure at times it seems easier to let it go then trying too hard, but something stops you from giving up. Yes it is the need of these nutrients for her healthy growth which keeps you going. Kids who are often denied this attention suffer from many problems. One of which is micronutrient deficiency.

Micronutrients are those nutrients which your baby require in small amounts unlike macronutrients, but are very crucial for the physical growth and sound brain development. We are always told that how breast feeding is so important for first 6 months for your baby as mother’s milk has all essential nutrients that a baby needs at that time. As the baby grows only mother’s milk is not sufficient to meet these needs and that is the time we start to include other food items in their diet. This is the process that is very important for the first 1000 days of birth of your baby.

Micronutrients include all minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium and vitamins, and other elements like zinc and iron. Often the foods we prepare for regular consumption lacks in these essential nutrients unlike carbohydrates or proteins, which is the reason children even after fed with enough food suffer from issues like micronutrient deficiency.  This is the reason it is always stressed upon to feed babies with more green vegetables, eggs dairy products, pulses and other foods rich in micronutrients. As it can be difficult at times to gather different resources of each micronutrient, the concept of formula food is liked by many parents. These formula foods are already packed with all the essential nutrients that are crucial for your child’s healthy growth.

Ceregrow is one of the examples for such packaged foods which you can try to feed your baby whenever you find it difficult to prepare a separate meal for him/her.Well-being of a child matters the most for the parents and so there is no reason to neglect these essential factors that contribute to your child’s healthy growth years. By providing your maximum care and attention to your child you can prevent issues like micronutrient deficiency and give your child a happy and healthy life.

I would love to hear your take on MicroNutrient Deficiency and what are the steps you take to prevent it

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