Maternity Must Haves

5 Maternity Must-Haves
Gone are the days when women would laze around in rugged clothes at home or make an unkept appearance elsewhere. Along with being stylish and in-vogue, women now like to experiment with their clothing style even during their pregnancies.And, in my view, why shouldn’t we? Taking care of your skin and the way u look keeps you away from feeling dull and lethargic. This is a beautiful phase, where we can flaunt that bump stylishly and spiritedly!

At the risk of seeming boastful, I’d say that I’d made up my mind to dress well when I was expecting. I’d decided I didn’t wanna laze around in ugly looking pyjamas, nighties or ill-fitted clothes. I can blatantly say that I made the most of my pregnancy phase.

And so I’ve listed down a few must-haves that every woman should invest in.

1. Maxi Dress
Trust me when I say that your growing belly will bless you for not squeezing it with tight leggings and pants. Maxi dresses are the most comfortable clothing a pregnant lady can wear.

2. Wide-belted leggings
Now these were tough to find. The regular belts would make me feel guilty about perhaps hurting my baby (remember I told you that my maternal love was at its peak right from the start?). After a lot of hunting around, I found a pair of leggings at Marks & Spencer in the leggings section. They have been great and comfortable to wear with a pair of kurta or even a tee.

3. Maternity Undergarments
Don’t take these lightly, ladies! Your body is growing and at this time, when it needs maximum comfort, don’t torture yourself with ill-fitted garments. Invest in good maternity inner-wears. Nowadays, many brands have launched in India too.
img_035024. Comfortable FootwearYour legs suffer mainly because of carrying around extra weight. Do your legs a kind favour and comfort them by wearing soft and snug pair of footwear. Don’t experiment too much. Go in for ballerinas, sneakers or slide-ins.

5. A Fine Moisturiser

Your skin goes through a lot of imbalance during pregnancy. Take it from me – the glow doesn’t stay throughout 9 months (Myth busted!). It’s important to keep yourself hydrated and moisturised, especially your belly as that expands and leads to stretch marks later. Lather on any moisturiser that suits you or maybe opt for a body butter. A dab of simple coconut oil also does a fantastic job. Stretch marks will definitely appear but keeping your skin hydrated will prevent them from turning into itchy scars.
6.Pillows Pillows & more Pillows
Trust me when I say this,Pillows are your best friends when you are pregnant and nobody can ease your discomfort like they can (Husbands might feel a little excluded here).Using them will comfort you in a jiffy.I carried it along even for small travels here and there and got a boppy pillow customised that helped me in my weirdest of sleeping postures and later even accommodated my nursing needs
Do feel free to add anything more that you can think of in the comments section.
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  1. Pillows.. aah yes.. I remember using at least 5 sleepin Pillows when I rested at night, one to cushion my growing belly too. Later, the feeding pillow my mum gifted was a blessing too..

    Great post!

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