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Well I have finally entered the phase of looking for schools for Haniya and trust me I dread this.

With all that’s going around in terms of a child’s security, schools turning into money making machines; it’s become all the more a tedious process to look for the right school for your little one.

After all it’s these early years that lay the basic foundation.

You know it’s a mixed feeling of having Haniya off my sight for a couple of hours unless it’s my mum around, I can be carefree for days.

I was recently invited to visit the Klay Prep School, Whitefield where they had organised a day full of fun filled activities for mommy and baby.

KLAY Schools are a chain of high-end preparatory schools catering to preschoolers and providing day care and after school services. They cater to an age group of 1-10 years.They believe that children’s minds in their formative years are like clay (the name is inspired by this) and need to be provided the right environment to flourish, How true!

They have various programs under their head and I was very keen to know a little more about the program best suited for Haniya

The staff at Klay was very warm and kind to explain and take through the model of learning and development they follow for the kids.

Their curriculum is based on experiential and social learning through different kinds of activities that keeps them engaged.

They have dedicated spaces that help develop linguistic, logical-mathematical,bodily-kinesthetic,musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal naturalistic skills

The activities included fun dance session with Mommy & Kid, story telling session, pot making, making saplings etc

Haniya and I spent a couple of hours and mind you, the little one cried her lungs out only because she did not want to leave that place.

Now isn’t that a good sign?

As a parent, we have various concerns leaving back our child. But the staff and the management was very warm and friendly with the parents and the kid.

The entire place is equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure safety

For all you working parents, they even offer Day Care Services.

Trusted by parents across India, Klay is your one stop solution to get your child exposed to happiness,positive attitude in the most formative years



As a parent I’d love to hear your view on pre school and your recommendations too

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