Kid Friendly DIY Baking Kits- BakeMe Ind

Hi Guys

Hope you all are doing well, In sha Allah 

With monsoon still being around, outdoor play with kids looks like a challenge and keeping them occupied is yet another tedious task

I am the kind of mother that allows screen time but balances it with other indoor activities too 

I am sure you all are facing the same challenge too, Aren’t we all mothers sailing in the same boat? ?

Anyways, one such interesting activity that we all can enjoy with our kid is BAKING 

After all, We get to eat all the cake too 

So recently I was contacted by BakemeInd and was asked to try out their product 

I was more than excited as my new found love is “Baking” 


They make kid friendly DIY kits and keeps it mess free as all the essential tools, ingredients except the wet ingredients and other cute add ons like a mini apron and a chef cap is included too

They currently have 8 variants to the BakeMe boxes and the recipes are simple and doable for kids with obviously (Adult Supervision) 
I recieved a Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Box and the contents of the box were as follows 

?Cookie Mix 

?Baking Tray 


?Measuring Spoons 

?Castor Sugar 

?Chocolate Chips 

?Semi Sweet Chocolate Pieces 

?Instruction Leaflets 

?Apron & Chefs hat

Ingredients had to be added : 



We all know “Baking is science”, even a minute measurement here and there can ruin the whole recipe and the fact that these ingredients come well measured and just have to be mixed makes your baking experience with your little one hassle free 

After all, have you ever imagined the mess that we adults make while baking.So imagine a toddler around ?
My cookies were baked to perfection as you see in the image below 
As far as the taste is concerned, just the thing I needed with a hot cup of coffee and some rains to watch 


But not to forget they were slightly bitter;can be because of the dark chocolate used. 

You can now get one of these boxes for your little one by clicking on the link below 


Happy Baking ?

Until next time 

Stay hooked 


22 thoughts on “Kid Friendly DIY Baking Kits- BakeMe Ind

  1. I would love to have these, have baked on my own** but everything spelled out so well looks just too good! I also like the apron and chefs cap!

  2. The whole kit looks so promising. I liked the apron and chef’s hat. And the cookies looked perfect. Who will say no to home baked cookies?

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