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I was a part of this exciting campaign by Himalaya for MOMS for Himalaya Baby Care on their FACEBOOK PAGE that was specially organised for all you moms there 

It revolved around the topic which is the most commonly discussed, Healthy Pregnancy & Beyond 

The discussion was addressed by an expert Consultant & Gynaecologist Dr. Hema Divekar 
It was an open platform as anybody could join the live session organised on their Facebook page “Himalaya Baby Care” and discussed various topics like pre & post pregnancy care, weight loss after pregnancy, dos and donts etc 

Click on the link below to to watch the live session 
To give you a brief on a few commonly asked questions and the solutions provided by the doctor, read below 

1. How do we prevent Stretch Marks?

▪️Because of the pregnancy hormones, skin drying is one of the most common issue faced.Keep your nails trimmed short so that you don’t end up hurting yourself while excessive itchiness. Also regular usage of moisturiser like cocoa butter mixed with glycerine keeps your skin well hydrated and avoids excessive dryness 

2. How do you regain your toned pre pregnancy body?

▪️ Use massage and toning oils for the body. Also breastfeeding plays a very vital role in helping rebuild and time muscles 

3.Any remedies for Cracked or sore nipples?

▪️Use any form of butter that softens the area of a simple mixture of coconut oil does the job too 

4.How do we deal with obesity during pregnancy?

▪️The concept of eating for two is a total myth and should not be followed.Ideal weight gain should be 8-10kgs during pregnancy but if you weigh higher pre pregnancy the doctor would recommend you a food plan that aims at healthy weight gain anywhere between 6-8kgs

5. How soon can you start exercising post delivery?

▪️Light form of Exercising can be resumed 6 weeks after delivery 

6.What kind of supplements should we continue post pregnancy ?

▪️Calcium, Vitamin D and Iron are one of the most common deficiencies found and can be continued as prescribed by your doctor 

7. What is the ideal haemoglobin level and how can we cure anaemia?

▪️It should be above 11 or 11.5. Iron supplements are a mandate if you are anaemic, also consuming foods like jaggery, beetroot can help increase hit iron levels too 

8. Remedies on Hairfall post pregnancy?

▪️It usually occurs because of lack of vitamins and thyroid deficiencies 
These were a few topics that were discussed and I hope we could answer a few of the commonly faced queries 
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  1. This is a nice post, and congrats for being involved in this!
    Breastfeeding helps you lose weight! I lost so much 😉 & gained when I stopped 🙁

  2. I wish I knew to keep nails short to avoid itchiness during pregnancy.
    It is really informative article for pregnant women

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