Guilt free Indulgence made possible with WanderingFoodie Laddoos

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The festive season in India has kicked in and the lookout for the right outfit, gifts, decor and most importantly the traditional Indian sweets has begun 

Day by day we have become more health conscious and don’t choose to compromise on our food choices too, that’s when a brand like “WanderingFoodie” comes in picture to rescue and keep you indulging in sweets guilt free 

What the brand has to say: 

Wandering Foodie Pvt. Ltd. was started by two passionate entrepreneurs, Rahul and Vinod, with the intention of promoting authentic regional cuisines. Both quit their high-paying corporate jobs to embark on this journey. Wandering Foodie started out as a niche, culinary tourism company, having been featured on Discovery Channel, radio and various daily publications and magazines. Of late, they have also branched into regional food products, focusing on 2 categories – spice mixes and ladoos.


Nashik being Rahul’s home town, they started promoting regional products from Khandesh (Northern Maharashtra), with the help of Rahul’s mother, who is a brilliant cook and has been featured in publications and TV for her recipes, apart from with Wandering Foodie. Gradually, Wandering Foodie started researching regional specialties outside Maharashtra, and today has a range of products inspired from all 4 corners of India!

Wandering Foodie is clearly inspired by the traditional Indian recipes using only healthy ingredients and currently has 4 variants namely, 

1. Daraba Ladoo This is a traditional recipe from Khandesh (Northern Maharashtra)

2. Nachni Ladoo (Konkan regionof Maharashtra) where Ragi is a staple. 

3. Sattu Ladoo inspired from Bihar, is a great source of protein!

4. Besan Ladoo (Made with Chickpea flour Popular all throughout India)
These ladoos are made with high quality pure desi ghee (This is a total win win as we all know the side effects of consuming vanaspati ghee) 

Sattu Ladoo is made out of sprouted ragi and jaggery that enhances the nutrition packed in each bite. Getting kids to consume ragi and Jaggery alone is a task and this makes it a perfect healthy alternative when there are days our mommy recipes fail.
I was unsure if Haniya would approve of the taste but I wouldn’t lie she loved the Besan & Nachni Laddoo (What an achievement this is , I can’t explain in words) 

The highlight of this product is their packaging. 
These come individually packed in round shaped cases that makes them perfect to be gifted and even a side snack in your kids lunch box, Sounds completely mess free, Doesn’t it?

               Pic Credit: Wandering Foodie
The material used for the case is 100% recyclable food grade virgin polypropylene
After all if minute details like these are not taken care, Would we be called responsible citizens?

The assortment pack: Treats by Wandering Foodie

These are great to be gifted to your friends and family during this festive season and has all the four variants with 4 of each

The ladoos in Treats are garnished with dry fruits to give them a festive feel.

I am sure you now want to order your packs and guess what you can now ORDER ONLINE! 
Click on the link below to head to their website directly 


And the best part is I have discount code for you that will get you a 10% off on your purchase 
You can contact me on Instagram to avail the code 

You can follow them on their social media handles as given below:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wanderforfood

Instagram: @wanderforfood

Twitter: @wanderforfood

I’ve made my healthy choice this festive season, Have you? 

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24 thoughts on “Guilt free Indulgence made possible with WanderingFoodie Laddoos

  1. For the love of sweets I have, I should totally agree that I can eat or I will ONLY pick sweets which are round in shape? Yeah a little wear and tear Is a no. And oh my god look at how that has been handled they have a packed it individually and isn’t that amazing. The ingredients as well so well thought

  2. Afsha, totally true. Each flavour is unique and everything is handled with care, and respect and so much love! This is going to be my favorite gifting option this year!

  3. Truly speaking when u posted your insta story with this laddoos I was so amazed and awestruck with the packaging and is so beautifully arranged !! Wish this kind of shop should be there in Hyderabad as well !! Lovely blog post ??

  4. I can’t wait to order some for myself!!!!! They sound and look amazing!! And a lot healthier option to include in my post pregnancy diet 😉

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