Gifting Options for Ramadan/Eid 

Hi Guys, 

Hope you all doing well, In sha Allah 

Ramadan has almost crossed 10 days and in no time these 20 days will pass too 

It’s such a mixed feeling, having this blessed month coming to an end plus awaiting the fun filled Eid

With Eid approaching and Ramadan yet there, we are on a constant lookout for choosing the perfect gift for our friends and family and not to forget the kids too

The Pipal has recently launched their Ramadan/Eid collection that is perfect for gifting one another 

Let’s have a look at the gifting options available 

  • Eid Mubarak Drawstring cum Gift bag

This comes with contrast trims, comfortable strings and quality prints. Made from polyester silk with water resistant lining inside.
This can be customised by using yours or your child’s name to make it more special 

  • Eid Mubarak Goody Bag

These goody bags come with water resistant lining inside and are made with 100% polyester fabric.
This can be customised as per yours or your child’s name to make it more special

  • Makeup Pouch

I can never have enough of these. This Comes with water-resistant lining and is sure to be a favorite accessory made with 100% polyester silk.The pouch sent to me was personalised with my name initials 

  • Passport Covers

These are so much in trend and I love the way these are personalised 

Made out of denim cotton and can hold a passport with an extra booklet too 

Did I mention these can be personalised too 

I’ve got my Ramadan/Eid gifting sorted for this year, Have you? 
Head to  http://www.thepipal.com/ now to view the complete collection 

Until next time 

Stay hooked 


80 thoughts on “Gifting Options for Ramadan/Eid 

  1. Thanks for such worthy suggestions. I have a Muslim friend and I need to gift her something so finally got an idea❤❤❤

  2. Very nice options afsha ji.. I love all of the options but makeup pouch is my favourite.. will gift this to my sister ? She will love it!! And may be she’ll gift me something in return ? Eid vibes you know?

  3. My God it’s totally great ideas. Gifting is always a hasselfree but u have made it simple❤❤.. Loved d bags in every size and specially D makeup pouch in pink is adorable.. Thinking to keep all d gifts to myself as they r so pretty.☺☺☺
    . Lol anyway thanks for sharing✌

  4. Hey, Hope you are doing well !
    As I am going through your blogs it is really worthy to read and I am loving it too! indeed, I am going to be a fantastic future mommy <3 , inshaAllah! you really have such amazing creative ideas even my mum is praising your recipes really!! that little pink pouch is so amazing and cute and its really loving to gift it my girlfriends they would definitely going to love this ! thankyou so much <3 *! may god bless you<3*!! Love you biys :*

  5. Damm how cool thanks for such a cool opinion ur ideas r alwyz fab thanks for the suggestion I was messed with 🙂

  6. Wow love the gift ideas ? ? infact a unique idea ? Those Eid mubarak goodie bag and life pipal customised passport cover has stolen my heart ❤️ ????? I also liked makeup pouch as it’s my weakness ?? thank u for coming up with such cool ideas . Looking forward to apply some this Eid ??☝️??? EID Mubarak In ADVANCE TO U AND FAMILY ???

  7. This is the first time I’m seeing so may options for Eid and loving it!!! Great items and the make up pouch ?

  8. These are indeed the ones I was looking forward to. Selecting gift is one of the task I am truly bad at.Thanks for suggestion. 🙂
    Eid Mubaarak

  9. Wish I had seen this before Eid. The bags r so cute.. I save the pretty lil bags I get in weddings lol so tat I can use it for Eid gifting.
    Lol ?

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