Get Healthy & Glowing skin now at home with The Ancient Beauty range

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In this world of filters, we all are craving for that healthy and flawless skin that one swipe on the phone gives us. That is definitely achievable only if we take care and feed the right things to our skin.

Quite often I am asked to share my skin care routine and all I say is, Less is More!

Use as less chemicals as you can. I try to stick to kitchen ingredients for my skin and hair care as much as I can but then of course we all have our lazy days.

The brand that I am sharing with you today is “The Ancient Beauty”.The range is inspired by the age-old ancient beauty cultures of the world globally & is created from edible ingredients. All products are 100% natural, Eco-friendly & do not contain any artificial colours,chemicals or preservatives.

Let’s hear what the founder Dr.Deepti Sehgal has to say, “ Cleopatra, the epitome of beauty never visited a spa or a skin clinic…The old charm of grandma’s beauty recipies has somewhere lost in the midst of chemical based beauty industry. Real beauty reflects from within & need not be dependent on external treatments. Modern beauty products not only sell dreams but also carry health threats due to their extensive chemical compositions”

Let’s have a look at the complete range of products

The products are completely customised and hand curated as per skin type. I was asked for my skin type and the problem areas and was sent a pack of 6 products that will help me treat them.

1.Japanese Body Scrub

It is a multi-purpose scrub that not just exfoliates but also nourishes skin with good oils and minerals. Keeping it applied with help skin absorb its good oils and heal the skin.

Usage Directions :Take about a spoon and mix water to make a paste. You may also add a little honey for extra moisturization.

Quantity: 350 Gms

Cost: Rs 300

Views: I liked the after effect of it on my body. It clearly removed the dead skin layer leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth

2.The Ancient Face Wash

It is a multi-purpose face wash that not just cleanses but also nourishes skin with good oils and minerals. Keeping it applied with help skin absorb its good oils and heal the skin

Usage Directions: Take about a spoon and mix water to make a paste. You may also add a little honey, or coconut oil in case you feel dry and for extra moisturization.

Quantity: 200 Gms

Cost: Rs 250

Views: I usually wash my face 2-3 times a day and the fact that I am using soap free products to cleanse my face makes me go back to this product all the time.

3. The Ancient Illuminator – The Ancient Illuminator gives best results with milk. It contains certain stimulating herbs and spices that help enhance the blood circulation under skin’s surface due to which the radiance appears from within. You may apply this pack before make-up to create skin radiance for smooth make-up finish.

Usage Directions : Take about a spoon and add milk preferably, but water can also be used.

Quantity: 200 Gms

Cost: Rs 300

Views: I was quite excited to use it pre make up and I was quite amazed at the clean, smooth and fresh base it gave me.

4. The Ancient Dew – This is a deep skin moisturizing face pack and works nice for blemishes and fine lines along with skin nourishment.

Usage Directions: Take about a spoon and add water or cucumber juice or papaya juice, any of three. You may also add a drop or two of coconut oil or olive oil for extra skin moisturization.

Quantity: 200 Gms

Cost: Rs 400

Views: I loved the fragrance of this product. I used it 2-3 times a week and it definitely made my skin look healthy and nourished

5. The Ancient Massage Powder – This is one of our most proud innovations. This is a powder that when added with water forms a cream base. This may be used as a substitute to your facial creams used for massages. It is ideal for a home facial spa to be used along with other products in sequence for home based facial.

Usage Directions: Use it for facial massage. For home spa, the sequence of use of products will be as follows. You may give yourself a facial spa once a week or use this massage cream individually regularly to stimulate your face for younger appearance.

For home spa, follow the mentioned regime:

Cleanse face with ‘The Ancient Face Wash’ -> Scrub gently with ‘The Ancient Scrub’ -> Massage with ‘The Ancient Massage Powder’ -> Apply ‘The Ancient Illuminator’ or ‘The Ancient Dew’ as a face pack

Quantity: 200gms

Cost: Rs 550

Views: Salon visits have become quite a task now and this product is a saviour for me. A monthly facial with these products as instructed and I am sorted with skin care and saving some money too

6. The Ancient Body Scrub – This will definitely invigorate your senses. To be used everyday and do not use any other cleanser, just use this.

Usage Directions:Take about 2 spoons and add water to make a paste. Please follow the mentioned technique to use this for best results. Start using from bottom top, starting from feet to thighs, hands to shoulders, torso to neck and lower back to upper back and neck, in circular motion. Preform the action for 5- 7 minutes, until your skin feels invigorated and healthily red.

Quantity: 350 Gms

Cost: Rs 500

Views: The fact that it helps in getting rid of cellulite is a total win. I’ve recently built up a lot of it around my legs and I am definitely looking to using this to get rid of it.

Overall, this complete kit of 6 products has given me a complete spa like experience at home. I did give it a good 2-3 weeks for the products to start showing results on my skin. The fragrance of all the products is very mild and doesn’t bother too much. I wasn’t too happy with the packaging though as they are packed in glass bottles which means taking extra care while using as it can lead to breakage and Ofcourse makes it non- travel friendly.

The label on the packaging is very clumsy and peeled off just after one use. Though the ingredients and directions to use the products is mentioned on each jar but it is so finely printed that it’s difficult to read.

They are slightly over priced as compared to the products you would buy off the shelf but considering these are 100% Organic, Chemical free and just the right food for my skin; I wouldn’t mind spending a little extra on these quality assured products

You can now get your consultation and get the products curated for your skin type by contacting them on the following mentioned pages

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ancientselfcare/

Instagram Handle: https://www.instagram.com/theancientbeauty/

Twiiter Page: https://twitter.com/ancientselfcare

I’d love to hear your feedback on them. Feel free to comment below

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7 thoughts on “Get Healthy & Glowing skin now at home with The Ancient Beauty range

  1. Who will say no to chemical free products. You are right home based tips take time and when we have time issue, such products gives us the solution.
    Btw I loved all the pictures too.

  2. Lovely pictures and a beautiful packaging. Such lovely products at affordable prices. Salon at home is a good idea. Will definitely these products a try.

  3. Thid range really wonderful and so neatly packed. I like to use natural products that are not harsh on the skin. Will give them a try soon. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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