DIY Hair Oil for growth and reducing premature greying

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The most awaited, the most requested and the most procrastinated post is now finally live ?
People usually ask me my hair care routine, well the answer to that is completely different but oiling plays a major role in what ever and however my hair looks 

Though a lot of damage to my hair was done when I decided to colour my hair and with a weeks break got hair smoothening done ?

I would recommend oiling your hair at least 2-3 times a week and if that looks difficult then at least 1-2 hours before shampooing your hair. 

I use the same Oil for Haniya too and Alhamdulillah it has suited her well.

This doesn’t smell quite pleasing so kindly be prepared for the same 

There are a few essential oils that can be mixed to curb down the smell of the oil 

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Camomile Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil

A few drops in your Oil should do the trick! Anyways now let’s dive straight into the recipe 


1 litre of coconut oil 

100 ml Olive Oil

100 ml Almond Oil 

50 ml Castor Oil 

Lots of Curry Leaves (Can be a huge bunch) 


  • Take coconut oil and slightly heat it
  • Add the curry leaves and immediately put the gas off 
  • Once cooled down, add the remaining oils 
  • Give it a good mix and store in a container with the curry leaves immersed in it 

Few things to remember

  • Every Hair type is different and that’s how some products might suit you and some might not 
  • Kindly do a mini patch scalp test before you prepare the entire recipe 
  • This recipe does not turn you into rapunzel overnight but definitely helps in hair growth and reduces premature greying 

Do let me know if you tried it, I’d love to hear your feedback 

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47 thoughts on “DIY Hair Oil for growth and reducing premature greying

  1. Assalamu alaikum.. I m great fan of urs and I love ur writing ..Masha allah.can I please know which brand almond ,olive and castor oil u use..

  2. Coconut oil and curry leaves do help to stop hair fall I’ve been using this method for a few months now. I have even grinder a bunch of curry leaves and refrigerated it . I take this paste one spoon every morning after breakfast without miss . It has reduced my hair fall all the way from 100 to 10 now. It’s a miracle to me.

  3. Hey dear i wanted to ask can i use it on my mom she is having heavy hairfall and her hair became so thin.. Can i also add vitamim e oil in this beautiful recipe??

  4. Very useful idea dear.
    Will surely try.
    Its much needed. Thankyou for sharing such useful information.
    Wish u more success n love

  5. I badly need a hair growth because I want long hairs and to be frank in a natural way and this blog is helping me out to grow my hair longer and more interestingly in a healthier way !! I KNOW how u were procasinated and forced to this blog post !! But truly speaking I just love your attitude and accent and fluency when u speak and u care alott towards your followers and is one of my best blogger which I am following ??????? # love yours and haniya outfits as well

  6. I will surely try this one bcoz after my delivery i m suffering from hair fall and also I have thyroid problem so hair fall is something serious problem of mine and thank u so much for sharing this thing ?

  7. After since I coloured my hair I m dealing with the problem of premature greying, I’m currently using castor and coconut oil mixture and it has definitely stopped hair fall and I can see good thickness in my hair volume.

  8. I will surely try this.. After smoothening, I m suffering from hairfall…. Will give it a try…. 1st priority to this remedy

  9. I will surely try this.. After smoothening, I m suffering from hairfall…. Will give it a try…. 1st priority to this remedy ????

  10. Thanks I am very much bother about hair greying it’s very helpful for me thanks a lot beingmom turnstone love ur dear I surely try this hope it’s helpful for me ?????

  11. Wow! Thank you Soo much for sharing this amazing tip. My hairs are curly and usually it takes alot of time to manage them. I referred it to.my mom even hopefully results would be shown soon inshallah ❤.

  12. My hair is very dry frizzy and demaged? I am regular user of Loreal shampoo and conditioner, but in this winter my hair needs more and more care
    so i used coconut oil on my hair ,and its really works, it makes hair so soft and shiny,. Most people don’t like the idea of putting oil in their hair, but it’s really worth it.

  13. I use coconut oil mixed with curry leaves. Have used olive oil just by itself. It make my hair very soft. I have heard a lot about good results of Castor oil for hair but never tried it. Your DIY recipe is very simple to prepare. Will give it a try.

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