Diaper Bag Essentials 

The transition from vanity to diaper bag did not take quite a well, I slipped into it with ease (As If I had a choice) ?

Anyways I’ve had many situations on my baby outings where I had face palm situation for obviously missing out something or the other in the diaper bag

To help other mommies, I decided to put up a list of essentials you need to have every time you step out of your house 

Packing the perfect diaper bag is an art but a well stocked diaper bag can save your day, can save you from many face palm situations 
Diaper bag essentials vary on how long will you be out of your house,but there are always a few basics that need to travel everywhere you go
✏️Diapers (One for every two hours) 

✏️Sanitizer (Incase no place to wash hands)

✏️Plastic Bags (For soiled diapers or clothes)


✏️Bottle (Drinking water or formula feed)

✏️Munchies (Babyfood or Finger food)

✏️Blanket (To cover if the baby is sleeping)

✏️Extra pair of clothes (Spit,Poop can happen unexpectedly 

✏️Nursing Cover (To feed comfortably in public)

✏️ Pacifier (If your child takes it 


✏️Toys or Boars Books

✏️Burp clothes and Bibs 

✏️An extra pair of clothing or shirt for mommy

✏️Changing pad

✏️Spoon to feed 

✏️Diaper Rash Cream

✏️Small See through pouches to store small items 
These were a few must haves that I learnt to carry every time I stepped out. I must have definitely missed out on a lot of things which might not be useful to me or my baby or in other case, must have slipped out of my mind #Momlife 

Featured Products: 

▪️Muslin Swaddle from Malabar Baby Official

▪️SlurrpFarm RaginCookies

▪️Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream

▪️Mama earth Sunscreen

▪️Disposable Diapers (Pampers Premium)

▪️Socks from Zara

▪️Bottle from Chico

▪️See through Pouch from Max Fashion India



Until next time 
Stay hooked 


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  1. Very useful post for new mums!!! Seriously, I had to search for one when I was packing my diaper bag after 2 days of delivery. I also did a similar post. Was my first post after giving birth. Lol

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