Breastfeeding !! 
It should be termed as Best feeding, with no offence to any mother out there who is not able to breast feed because of a number of reasons that we are oblivious of but don’t stop to judge them !! 

Common guys, a mother can never be judged over the choices that she has made for herself and the baby ! 

Trust her, she is going to do everything right for the baby keeping even her comforts, likes and choices at stake !! 

Breastfeeding has always been a very controversial subject for all the wrong reasons inspite of it being the most right thing happening to a baby 

Let me not make this a generic debate rather ld want to share my personal experience 

Like every mother even I was very headstrong of only breastfeeding my baby 

But nature has its own ways and we have to give in 

After all my delivering process when I was finally shifted to my room I was obviously expected to fulfill my baby’s hunger !!

And that gave me jitters that it’s me through which that tiny little stomach will suffice !! 

I was excited and nervous (Mixed feelings is one emotion that doesn’t leave your side ) 

Then came the moment when I had to feed and obviously I didn’t know how to hold the baby while feeding or for that matter what else to hold along with it (pun intended) 

With like a zillion changing positions and a crying baby I finally managed to stick to one position and then came the most difficult part 

Latching, ?

But with a little bit of adjusting here and there I managed to 

The first few days it’s the thick slightly yellow looking milk that a baby feeds on which all my reading on the internet helped me with 

It’s called as colostrum !! 

That is usually secreted in less quantity which I am assuming a lot of women consider it to be less supply of milk and get off breastfeeding 

But no you gotta hold on !! 

That is like liquid gold for your baby 

It has the perfect nutrition for your newborn 

Gradually I started facing Breast engorgement 

My breasts would usually engorge as I was producing too much of milk (Alhamdulillah) 

But I was not able to feed my baby from the right Breast because she would just not latch on it 

This led to swelling, me crying out of pain , fever and so much of leakage that pads would not be able to hold and endless doctors and lactation consultations

They suggested me a lot of ways to get rid of that engorgemebt by letting go of the milk by hand expressing it 

But damn!! That thing is painful 

I would constantly take hot towel massages to help them not swell and leak out 

With all the hue and cry after 4 days of suffering from Breast engorgement the little one finally decided to give in to her mothers suffering and latched on t magically 

I wouldn’t have been happier than that 

And then obviously the pain went off 

Breastfeeding is a huge responsibility because it needs that commitment of getting your back screwed every

2 hours with no complaints at all 

Oh yes all those commercials showing the beautiful looking woman sitting in the most comfortable position and feeding is so hypothetical 

It doesn’t happen that ways 

It takes a while for you to have your comfortable position while feeding your baby 

Breastfeeding requires a lot of commitment as it’s just you who can curb the hunger, just you who will have to wake up misnights for your crying hungry baby 

Nobody but you can pacify that little one 

It is excessively tiresome

But trust me the feeling of a crying baby suddenly finding that comfort in your arms is so soothing that I decided to sacrifice all my sleep and comfort for that ( Yes there are time where I want to rethink my choice ?) 

But now with a few months left for me to feed her I motivate myself to finish this marathon I started 

But yes the nursing pillow that I got made was like a blessing 

For bubz I exclusively breastfed her and currently doing so 

It’s been a great and a painful journey 
Do share your experiences 

I’d love to know them 
Until next time 

Stay hooked 


11 thoughts on “Breastfeeding

  1. Indeed its the best feeling ..
    Breast feeding intensifies the love and bond between the mother and her baby…
    As per my experience the journey was really beautiful as well as tiresome…infact after i stopped breast feeding i would really miss those precious moments when i took my baby in my lap and breastfeeded her…
    Mothers milk is the best nutrition for the child…

  2. Beautifully narrated post. Breastfeeding are special moments between Mommy and the baby. Seeing your baby with eyes closed which has the satisfaction of being so close to the Mommy is priceless.

  3. I am totally agree with your article. breastfeeding is best among all other feeds for babies. It is useful to make a strong bond between baby and mom. Its feel great when you give feed to your baby. I personally feel like in heaven really. Nice post.

  4. I call it momma magic potion with honestly no offence to anyone who couldn’t they have their magic potion outside we have it inside us….best things in life never comes easy and God has given this strength to endure pain within us which we also didn’t know….but it gets easier with time and babies they master the skill to handle it like a pro 🙂

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