Ab tel ko tel lagao with the new Pantene Oil Replacement Hair Cream

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This post is going live while I am on my mid year break and have headed off to Ooty with family

A lot of you quite often have asked me my hair routine and honestly I feel, less is more

I use a hair Oil for which I have shared the recipe on the blog already, but oiling seems like a tedious task considering the greasy pillow stains, tedious hair wash process and yes managing all this while having a toddler dancing on your head

Well all I can say is, ab tel ko tel lagao

The new product from Pantene gives twice the nourishment with Pro-Vitamin formula gives you 2X stronger hair than oil. All of this, without the hassle of oily hair or sticky fingers.

This product is extremely not sticky and gives a smooth finish to the hair leaving back a sweet smell that lingers on for a few hours

For days when I find oiling or using a conditioner too much of a task, a coin size amount of this product and I am sorted

I am even carrying this product with me to Ooty to test how it works with cold weathers where hair gets more frizzy and dry and I must say it has impressed me to no bounds

It nourishes hair, reduces hair fall due to breakage and helps repair damage. It also acts as a final touch leaving hair soft and smooth. So, you get all the benefits of ordinary hair serums and hair oil-in-creams plus 2x stronger hair. This is because Pantene oil replacement’s formula combines the power of oils with pro-vitamin science to treat hair, while its creamy texture leaves it smooth without the stickiness of ordinary hair oil.

How to use:

  • Recommended to be used before combing, blow-drying, sun and salt water exposure
  • Apply evenly along the lengths of your hair
  • No need to rinse
  • For best results use on wet hair post shower


Doesn’t make the hair sticky

Hair feels lighter after application

Adds a smooth shine

Smells amazing

Value for money

Creamy texture and blends easily

Adds bounce to the hair

Perfect for immediate repair to the hair


Can’t guarantee permanent results

Doesn’t do anything for hairfall

Makes the palms slightly sticky Post using

Price : Rs 150 for 180 ml

Where to buy: Available on all online and offline stores

If you have used this product, I’d love to hear your feedback too

Do feel free to leave your comments below

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Stay hooked


13 thoughts on “Ab tel ko tel lagao with the new Pantene Oil Replacement Hair Cream

  1. I am hearing a lot about this product.Would love to use it and see how well it compares to hair oil,.Great review, and you look lovely..

  2. I have used similar product of other brands. They worked on improving the texture of my hair. Won’t mind giving it a try too.

  3. Wow, so now even with hair in our oil we can go for an outing, no more stickiness :). I am definitely going to try this soon.

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