7 tips that keeps Winter woes at bay

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It’s been so long I’ve written here, just been super occupied with all the pending chores, back to back guests. 

Winter is approaching and we need to gear up to keep ours and our little ones skin protected 

Winter and dry skin go hand in hand and you need to take utmost care when it comes to kids

I’ve listed down a few tips that work for us 

  1.  Avoid giving a bath everyday and ensure you use any baby product that is hydrating and doesn’t dry out skin any further I have been glued to the Top to Toe wash from Johnsons Baby and we have been loving it. 
  2. Keeping the skin well moisturised is the most important step. Use a moisturiser immediately after bath so that the moisture in the skin stays locked in. Johnson Baby lotion does the trick for us. We use it twice a day and it keeps us away from dry skin
  3. Don’t bundle up your kids with too many layers of clothes as that can lead to irritation because of the sweating 
  4. Use regular coconut oil on the lips to avoid dry and chapped lips 
  5. Keep the ears warm and covered as that will prevent the little one to catch cold easily 
  6. Trim your baby’s nails regularly as sometimes dry skin will itch and lead them to scratch
  7. Avoid using talcum powder around the nappy area as that can increase the rash and dryness. Use Johnson Baby Skincare Wipes. They are completely soap and alcohol free. Dab a little coconut oil around the diaper area to keep it moisturised 

These are tips and tricks that work for us, I would love to hear what works for you too 

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10 thoughts on “7 tips that keeps Winter woes at bay

  1. Last year my mom took care of my baby of six months ,this year I will have to ,really liked these easy tips to follow as we also use Johnson’s baby products …Only thing is I will increase the frequency of application of the lotion…Coconut oil also works best for my toddler …. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips

  2. All the tips are bang on! The nail trimming is also so apt even when the kiddos are bigger I feel! They scratch and taht leads to even further issues!
    I’m definitely going to try out coconut oil for chapped lips!

  3. I like head to to baby wash. I apply cetaphil during winters. Coconut oil massage is always there on my list. Not applying talc around nappy area is a very useful tips. I have seen parents doing that in.otder to keep the area dry especially during summer..

  4. well written post …. N i hvnt used coconut oil on my lips till yet…bt wud luv to try , if it really save my lips from chapping…

  5. Very useful tips.. We have been using Johnson baby wipes and coconut oil /olive oil for my son ever since he was born. The only think I would like to add is my doctor suggested us to not use talcum powder at all with babies. so may be something that moms can check with their Doctor,

  6. Very good tips, only thing that I am unable to follow is keeping my lo’s ears covered. He doesn’t wear any caps. But keeping moisturised is very important

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