5 must visit Night Markets in Bangkok 

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Well this series of posts have been pending for quite some time but instead of procrastinating anymore I decided to finish it today
Il be doing mini posts so it’s easier for you to catch up on and keep it pinned for any future travel reference 
Nevertheless, there are a zillion night markets that the web will suggest you to visit when in Bangkok 
But are all really worth your time?
Well I experimented and curated a list of 5 best night markets you should not miss when in Bangkok 

1️⃣Ratchada Train Market 

From antiques to clothes to your basic accessories, and street food snacks this has everything you would want while shopping 

Preferred time to visit should be evening as the suns down and makes shopping experience manageable in Bangkoks soaring temperatures 

               (Picture Credit: Google)

This was one of the most sophisticatedly designed markets with wide avenues, river breeze and not to forget the clean bathrooms it had.Prices here are slightly higher than what you would find at other markets

                   (Picture Credit: Google)

3️⃣Talad Neon Market
This market has over 1000 stalls including food. With lots of funky neon lighting gives you a very futuristic and funky vibe to the whole shopping experience.Some great varieties in clothes and bags that I splurged on here.

                  (Picture Credit: Google)

4️⃣JJ Green Market 
A vintage flea market with food and drinks available makes it a stop to not just shop but to spend a chilled out evening.Located around Chatuchak has over 15000 stalls.Gear up before you take your baby there as the place is the most busiest of all the markets I visited 

                  (Picture Credit: Google)

5️⃣Palladium Night Market
This market is located right outside the palladium mall, is not very huge but you would definitely find yourself with some trendy outfits and bags.There are mini stalls that customise passport covers, laptop bags and other things you can’t give a miss 

                 (Picture Credit: Google)

I am penning a few more mini posts about my trip to Bangkok.
Let me know if you want me to write anything in specific 

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Stay hooked 

42 thoughts on “5 must visit Night Markets in Bangkok 

  1. I love Bangkok shopping but have never been able to visit night markets because the kids get tired by the end of the day!

  2. Your list is going to be very useful. Prior knowledge about the local market is very helpful and time saver.
    Thanks for writing this for us.

  3. Hi Afsha. Can you please give me some advice If Bangkok is good with Toddlers? Like a 2 days trip to Bangkok is enough or 5 days in Bangkok would be too much. I am planning a trip. Would love if you can share your experience. Xoxo

    1. Hey 2 days will be very less !! As there is too much to shop and lot many touristy places too ! 5 days is perfect ! Oh yes toddlers will definitely enjoy!! I went when haniy was 14’monyhs old !!

  4. I so want to fly to bangkok like right now LOL. It definitely looks like a shopping hub. Thank you for sharing this.

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